How I Thrive in a Toxic World

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How can you thrive in a toxic world? Is it even probable? Yes, it is.

However, you need a mindset to recognize harmful environments and to learn to mitigate them.

I have found ways to recognize unfavorable agents and to avoid them in my life.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

First and foremost, I do not watch television. I want to have my frontal lobes working so I can think clearly at all times and defend myself.

Why do you want the doom and gloom on the news entering your soul and entraining you to be constantly depressed? Look out of your window.

Is it what they are showing on the news?

Avoid Mindless Distractions

I do not use social media. I have my own mission and do not need to emulate others and to compare myself to others.

I do need meaningful human interaction but I have live people I love and have fulfilling relationships with.

You may find people who change your life.

Yet in order to support deep friendships you must interact with such people in real life after your first online introduction.

Social media can become a distraction and can waste your time. Unless you use social media to make serious money, do not get trapped by it.

Optimize Your Biological Electromagnetic Field

When you have a strong natural ability to generate energy by way of your biological electromagnetic filed, you stay young, slim, and healthy. Our electromagnetic field gives us the opportunity to reduce oxidation and heal and regenerate the body fast. You essentially can eat anything and sray slim when you can figure out how you can recharge youe natural electromagnetic field.

Grounding is the secret to staying, young, slim, and healthy because grounding improves your redox potential (redox stands for reduction of oxidation). Grounding, or, in other words, connecting with the Earth electromagnetic field, eliminates inflammation in the body and enables deep restful sleep. If sleeping on the ground under the open sky is not an option, Magnetico Sleep Pad has been helping me sleep like a baby.

The secret to my appearance, slenderness, and flexibility is the magnetic pad below which I sleep every night on. I know, I know, sleeping on magnets sounds like woo-woo. I thought so until I tried. I actually test everything for myself before I give advice. Everything you find on these pages has been tried by me and only endorse what I practice.

Anyway, back to Magentico. My sister has been an avid follower of Dr. Jack Kruse’s work. She purchased the Magnetico pad from his recommendation because she understood the negative effect of non-native EMF. I noticed the efficacy of the mat when I visited her and got to sleep on the pad. After a 7-hour flight I actually could soundlessly sleep and wake up the following morning not affected by jet lag. Furthermore, at 46, my sister looks like an 18 year old: naturally smooth supple skin, no grey hair, and extreme agility and flexibility. She credits her appearance and health to her lifestyle. I adopted several daily practices from her.

That is why I decided to own the Magnetico Pad and notice a tremendous difference in my sleep quality. Magnetico has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and increases your redox potential (your potential to reduce oxidative damage). The natural magnetism of Magnetico improves mitochondrial function. It drastically improves blood oxygenation and naturally stimulates detoxification. The magnetic field in the pad is generated from 384 magnets in the single size pad. If you choose a larger pad, it will have a higher number of magnets. I chose the single size pad which suffices for me.  However, I may step up in size in the future

Avoid Toxic Substances

I do not consume poison such as alcohol, opiates, cigarettes, toxic makeup, and prescription drug.

I eat a clean diet , do not drink tap water, and sleep eight or nine hours a night.

I also have a shower filter and feel the difference when tap water is hard.

I use organic skin care and oral care.

The soap I have been using is the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap linked below. It smells of chocolate and contains plant based charcoal which helps exfoliated and further detoxify the skin. The black specks you see in the image below are the plant-based charcoal.

                    Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

I have been using Earthpaste for several years and have been amazed how well it detoxifies and cleans the mouth.

Earthpaste does not contain fluoride and only contains food grade Redmond clay, sea salt, purified water, and essential oils.

The use of fluoride in body care has been banned in many countries due to its detrimental effect on the ability of our body to heal itself (on the redox potential).

My health philosophy aligns with the idea of removing toxic substances from the environment to allow the body to heal naturally. It is the most sustainable way to stay in excellent shape.

The Redmond clay and the sea salt detoxify and disinfect naturally without synthetic compounds.

Furthermore, I do oil pulling with coconut oil. Coconut oil naturally whitens teeth and removes harmful bacteria from the mouth.

The best skin moisturizer is raw honey. I use crystalized raw unheated honey. The reason you want to use unheated honey lies in the high amount of nutrients unheated honey contains. Apply an even layer of honey on clean skin. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water. It nourishes the skin and makes it silky soft. it also moisturizes and nourishes the lips. Apply raw honey on the lips for 5-t0 minutes and rinse off with water.

I have been using the one below simply because it is also delicious:

You may notice that pasteurized (heated) honey tastes like pure sugar. Well, because it is pure sugar. The process of heating removes all nutrients from honey and converts it into sugar. Use raw honey always for the best results. Check out also the best skin hydrating formula.

Also, I have been using the lip balm from Cocokind that only contains coconut oil and royal jelly. My lips are naturally full so the balm adds a little bit of glow.

         Cocokind Lip Balm

What about the toxic laundry detergent?



I was staying at my sister’s place in Brussels (she lives in Belgium) a few years ago when she got rid of all toxic products for the first time. Eggplant ash toothpowder, Dead sea mud soap. baking soda for dishes and cleaning, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for glass.

“But what do you use for laundry?” I asked

“Soapberries.”  She replied.

I was a bit surprised when I heard my sister’s answer until I tried them myself. Nature has an answer for all our needs.

Soapberries are perfectly suitable for laundry  machines and hand wash. They are sold in a muslin bag and have an extra muslin bag which you actually use to put the soapberries in and through them in the machine. Hot water and a bag of soapberries and voila!

Try them, and let me know what you think.

Here is the ones I use.

Minimize Non-Native EMF Exposure

I always hardwire the Internet. I rarely talk on the cell phone and never put it to my ear. Always use the speakerphone function or an acoustical set of headphones.

Did you know that you can hardwire your cell phone to the Internet? Yes, and save your cellular data when you are not on the go. I personally use voice over the Internet protocol for calling and this opportunity saves me the limited data I get for free. Furthermore, I do not have to be blasted with microwave radiation when I need to get on the Internet on my phone. Imagined how excited I was when I found the gadget below:

Acoustical headphones transmit sound by way of air instead of electromagnetic field as the regular wireless or wired headphones do.

I compensate for non-native EMF exposure by maximizing my time in the sun.

The best way to do it is to expose as much skin as possible to the sun.

When I am on vacation, I do not do sightseeing, i do not go to museums, galleries, movies, or any other man made distraction. All I do I lie in the sun and eat whole delicious food.

In May I spent a month in the Hungarian countryside enjoying the sun and mineral water springs.

After bathing and swimming in mineral water, my hair became shiny, my skin was perfectly moisturized, and my nails strengthened from absorbing the minerals contained in the water.

To mitigate the negative effect of 5G in the city I take the C60 Purple Power.

The problem with the 5G and 4G technologies that they remove water from cells in the body which leads to dehydration and premature aging. It is impossible to replenish the cellular water with just drinking more water. It can be done with consistent sunlight exposure.

However, in temperate climates sunlight exposure is extremely limited during the winter months.

Therefore, to protect myself I take the C60 Purple Power.

The first time I took it (about one year ago in the winter) I felt an enormous energy surge and it was maintained consistently throughout the day.

I have been taking before flights and felt a significant difference taking transatlantic flights.

My typical pre-flight protocol is caviar and mineral water. By adding C60, I felt no jet lag after a 7-hour flight.

C60 has been shown to stimulate stem cell production.

Stem cells naturally heal the body by converting into specific groups of cells such as blood cells, bone marrow cells, liver cells, when repairs are needed.

                                                               C60 Purple Power

Avoid Negative People

Get rid of people who love complaining and bring their problems to the person who cannot help them resolve them.

These people have lazy minds. In fact,  they are not trying to find a solution to the problem because it requires work.

They just waste their time by exposing us to their negativity. Thus, listening to their whining would waste your time.

Create Meaningful Relationships

I appreciate critical thinkers whom I can learn from, who can share their life experiences and help me grow.

I have rich relationships with real open-minded people who know what they want and know how to get what they want.

I am lucky to have such people in my family as well so i can continue our family legacy and have their support.

Be Grateful Every Day

Gratitude detoxifies alone by giving me an influx of positive energy, by letting me appreciate what I already have and what I achieved.

Gratitude reveals new ways of reaching my current goals and gives me a burning desire to persevere to get what I want.

I give gratitude for positive and ostensibly negative experiences because the latter teaches me to adjust my attitude and to resolve the problem that led to the negative experience.

Many times, when we suspend our judgement, we find new ways to reach unattainable goals that  make us thrive in any environment.



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