How to Think And to Grow Rich

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Have you ever wanted something, known that you will receive it but had no idea how it will happen and why? I have experienced this in my life many, many times but could not articulate why this happens until I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Today I would like to cover the secrets to thinking and growing rich as they have helped me tremendously to become who I am now.

Do read the book for his arguments and life stories. Also, you want to verify for yourself what I outlined below. Hope these secrets inspire you as they did me.

Let us be honest, regardless of how we slice and dice the subject of wealth, the main secret to wealth lies in


You have heard many times when a self-made wealthy person, loses all her wealth, she will re-accumulate it over and over again.

Why is that?

Wealthy people have a certain mindset that helps them recognize the weakness, analyze the failure, and  create a concrete plan to amass wealth again. It takes responsibility, focus, and perseverance to succeed.

I intentionally omitted hard work because it is not what Think and Grow and Grow Rich is about. I do not believe in hard work either.

Wealthy people understand that focus and perseverance are the two ingredients that bring success and wealth. Not the hard work. If you do not have focus and a goal, you will acquire blisters from hard work.

A Burning Desire

Obviously, you must want something passionately before you acquire it, or manifest it. It is a not a wish though, it is an obsession that requires a concrete plan, focus, and determination to bring the desire to life. Dream and persevere and will acquire wealth:

Wishing will not bring you riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes and obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches and backing those plans with persistence that does not recognize failure, will bring riches.


practical dreamers do not quit!


You must believe in the existence of what you want to manifest before it comes to life. You have to know it will happen no matter what.

Without a doubt about the outcome of your desire and without attachment to the outcome. You must be detached to manifest anything.

Attachment to the outcome breeds fear. You start asking “What if what I want does not come about?”

Well, you will correct the course and will try again until you get it. Stop worrying about the outcome and keep the eyes on the process. Enjoy the work and believe in your abilities.

Auto Suggestion

The susceptibility of the mind to a continuous cue in the environment permits us to change our habits, achieve the unimaginable, and to heal seemingly incurable ailments.

Dr. Joe Dispenza describes his remarkable personal healing journey in Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.

As a triathlon athlete, he was hit by a truck crossing an intersection during a competition and was given a 6 percent chance to walk again after. Dr. Dispenza did not take the chance nor surgery either.

Instead, he used suggestibility, or auto suggestion to remodel his spine with multiple fractures vertebrae, naturally. 

Our brains are plastic. Have been presented with the same idea, concept, desire consistently long enough, the brain translates such thoughts into reality.

Specialized Knowledge

People with the highest level of a certain skill earn more. You must strive to be an expert an area. This way you become indispensable.

Furthermore, specialized knowledge is as good as it is methodically and consistently applied in practice.

An educated man does not possess a lot of general knowledge. He draws his knowledge from within. Along with critical thinking, he is able to apply his unique skills in practice.

Highly-skilled surgeons earn a lot of money due to high demand for specialized knowledge. However, not everyone can become a surgeon.

I have a very intelligent friend who knows anatomy, chemistry, and physics at a high level and extremely passionate about resolving aberrations the human body.

However, she cannot become a surgeon because she cannot master the skill of making an incision due to tremors in the dominant hand.

When you choose an occupation, you must narrow down your prominent skills and emphasize them when you continue the chosen path to achieve success.

In Chinese, the word wealth comprise two hieroglyphs: one denotes

sea shell (a valid tender of exchange)

and the other one defines

brilliance (unique personal talents).

it implies that when you reach within and cover your most precious skills, you will create wealth.


The imagination is more important than knowledge. There is a limit in knowledge. The imagination enfolds the world

Albert Einstein

Nothing new would be created if hd not desire to step outside of what already exists, outside of what we already know. Imagination always takes place of knowledge when we need to design something new.

Positive Attitude and Truth

We require a positive attitude to uncover the truth and achieve success.

A positive attitude permits us to analyze mistakes which caused us to fail and to enables us to correct the course of action.

We must understand that the only reason we fail is that our plan had weak spots. If we look objectively at the plan without blaming others, bad luck, and fate, we always can design a better approach to achieving the ultimate goal.

To overcome failure:

  • We want to be honest with ourselves to understand what went wrong;
  • Take responsibility for the outcome and develop a better plan;
  • Move forward optimistically and succeed.

Organized Planning

Organized planning mobilizes the burning desire into action. Napoleon Hill associates successful organized planning with leadership administered by way of  idea analysis in peer group.

In order to organize a mastermind group, you want to seek out experienced achievers preferably with more skill than you have.

Such people can contribute and teach you things you lack to successfully design and develop a concrete plan. The mastermind group can also hold you accountable when you begin taking action and help you stay on course.

Successful leaders possess:

  • Unwavering courage
  • Self-control
  • A deep sense of justice
  • Unwavering decision making
  • An ability to adhere to plans
  • A habit of doing more than expected or paid for
  • Empathy and understanding
  • A good nature
  • Attention to detail
  • Will to assume full responsibility
  • Cooperation

Major flaws that impede leadership:

  • Inability to organize details
  • Lack of desire to render humble service
  • An expectation of pay for what they know not what they do with what they know
  • Fear of competition from followers
  • Lack of imagination
  • Selfishness
  • Intemperance
  • Disloyalty
  • Emphasis on title and authority of the “leader”

Humility and resilience define true leaders and ensure the successful execution of a plan. You must be able to yield when it gives you the opportunity to win. Choose your battles and concentrate on the big picture implementing the organized plan.


Once you decide to achieve something you cannot change it: you will not reach the goal. Reach decisions promptly , but change them slowly.

People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions very slowly, if at all, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.

Decide and stick to the plan. Believe in your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to. And, of course, persevere


To overcome failures, you will need a sustained effort to keep the faith in your ability, or persistence.

You have to exercise will power to convert your desire into wealth. If you have a will, you will find a way to fulfill your desire. Since willpower is limited, it get exhausted very fast, you must undertake one goal at a time.

You do not want to scatter your attention on multiple goals. The reason you prepare action steps and adhere to them  is to conserve your willpower so you can correct the course when you fail and still reach the goal.

The Mystery of Sex

Sexual energy has to be transmuted to channel creativity and develop your business. It makes sense to combine sexual energy with love and to protect it. The same applies to alcohol consumption and overeating. Hill’s mindset encompasses focus and concentration on a single subject for a set period.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind learns by observation. A child’s personality forms before the age of six through observation and emulation.

Time after time parent make the mistake of teaching children through words. A child rather observes and absorb parents’ actions and habits and subconsciously ignore the talk.

Somehow we have to convince our subconscious that we are worth the wealth we want to manifest.

We must create a habit of feeling as if we already have what we want.We convince our mind through writing down our goal and the plan to achieve it.

We also want to induce positive emotions and experience them consistently in the process of reaching our desire.

The Wisdom (The Sixth Sense)

Wisdom stems from our ability to tap into intuition, the sixth sense.

Meditation creates awareness of our internal state and unite our imagination with logic. Wisdom permits us to disengage, to surrender our ego and to simply observe. It suspends preconceived notion and allows to discover new ways of seeing the world.

Intuition (I use intuition and wisdom interchangeably [TH]) allows us to discover the brilliance described by in the Chinese meaning of wealth and to create wealth by simply being who we are.

I have been using the principles from the book for most of my life; I know they got me where I am now and help me succeed tremendously.

I cannot underestimate the power of humility, resilience, imagination , and focus in the achieving of  the goal.

I find it wise to concentrate on one goal at a time in order to reach it. We are not designed to multitask and scatter our attention.

Try this and see for yourself how many inferior results you achieve with the multi-goal strategy.

Love yourself and direct your energy wisely.

Hope this inspires you to apply the strategies to fulfilling your dreams.


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