7 Ways to Sleep Better for Health, Happiness, and Performance

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Reasons by Which Sleep Makes Your Life Complete

Better Decision Making

We make better choices when we are well rested. Our decisions and choices are processed with willpower. Since willpower wear out the more you use it, just like a muscle. When you do not sleep enough, you have to allocate willpower to stay awake and function. Thus, other vital decisions will be made on autopilot with less consideration to the outcome of these decisions and their impact on our health, for instance, such as food choices. Chips and a Snickers bar are not food, by the way, you are just to tired to discern it.

You may have noticed that you have to compensate for the lack of energy when you do not get enough sleep by drinking caffeine and eating sugar laden energy bars.

When we get enough sleep, we can thrive on water and real food. Caffeine in large quantities is toxic. Thus by consuming it daily, you are doing a huge disservice to your body by prematurely aging and wearing it out.

Cellular Repair and Vitality

Nature gave us a hormone, melatonin,  that regenerates our body during sleep without our intervention. Melatonin repairs cellular damage and restores the body while we sleep. The hormone enables us to fall asleep and to stay asleep. Melatonin production depends on circadian rhythms and occurs when the sun goes down. That is why it is crucial to sleep at night.

Only night sleep restores your body and repairs cells. Make the choice to go to bed when the sun goes down and get up when the sun rises.

#1 Get Grounded

Grounding, or, in other words, connecting with the Earth electromagnetic field, eliminates inflammation in the body and enables deep restful sleep. If sleeping on the ground under the open sky is not an option, Magnetico Sleep Pad has been helping me sleep like a baby.

My sister has been an avid follower of Dr. Jack Kruse’s work. She purchased the Magnetico pad from his recommendation because she understood the negative effect of non-native EMF. I noticed the efficacy of the mat when I visited her and got to sleep on the pad. After a 7-hour flight I actually could soundlessly sleep and wake up the following morning not affected by jet lag. Furthermore, at 46, my sister looks like an 18 year old: naturally smooth supple skin, no grey hair, and extreme agility and flexibility. She credits her appearance and health to her lifestyle. I adopted several daily practices from her.

That is why I decided to own the Magnetico Pad and notice a tremendous difference in my sleep quality. Magnetico has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and increases your redox potential (your potential to reduce oxidative damage). The natural magnetism of Magnetico improves mitochondrial function. It drastically improves blood oxygenation and naturally stimulates detoxification. The magnetic field in the pad is generated from 384 magnets in the single size pad. If you choose a larger pad, it will have a higher number of magnets. I chose the single size pad which suffices for me.  However, I may step up in size in the future

#2 Sleep in a Dark Cool Room

You want to make the bedroom as dark as possible. When the sun goes down we produce melatonin, a hormone that ensures we enter the REM (stands for ‘rapid eye movement’) phase of sleep. During REM our body undergoes repair of accumulated damage. However, without a sufficient amount of melatonin we are not able to enter REM and repair the body.

Darkness naturally stimulates melatonin production. Therefore, to get deep sleep we need to have a dark environment. To ensure I block off light I also use a sleep mask below. It can be easily adjusted to conform to the contours of the face. The satin fabric does not irritate skin.

Also, at night our body temperature naturally goes down so we can fall asleep easier. Keeping the bedroom cool makes it easier for us to fall asleep and stay asleep.

#3 Discontinue Technology Use at Least Two Hours Before Bed

If you cling to to you iPhone until the last hour before bed, abandon it and give yourself as much ast you can without your smartphone before falling asleep.

Remember to use blue blocking glasses and a blue light blocking app to synchronize your circadian rhythms. I personally use Iris. In fact, i used f.lux before Iris. However, f.lux does not have as many parameters as Iris. The amazing thing about Iris is that it controls the flicker rate that adversely affects your brain. The flicker rate not only screws up your eysight, it derails brain functions overtime. Truthfully, the eyes are the only two exposed areas of your brain. You want to protect both. Eyesight problems signal neural issues you want to address. By removing the flicker rate you avoid a slew of problems that indicate neural degeneration.

When I work at night, Iris permits me to dim the screen to an incandescent or candle hue and to remove the glossy appearance of the screen. Also, the reading mode converts your screen to the appearance of a book or a physical magazine. Iris also offers the gaming, programming, biohacker, movie modes and many more.

Iris, as f.lux, dims and brightens your gadget’s screens to conform to the light intensity and color saturation of sunlight. However, f.lux lacks the flicker rate mitigation. i notice that my eyes do not strain when I use Iris. Check it out and let me know how it improvved your woorkflow.

At night switch to red incandescent light bulbs. I am lucky to have natural light in all living spaces at my home. That allows me not to use electrical lights until dark.

I replaced all light compact fluorescent bulbs with red incandescent bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are good for us due to high frequency they emit. LED and compact fluorescent flicker and disrupt our natural frequencies.

The main argument in favor of LED bulbs rests on economic efficiency and environmental “friendliness”. However, the reason LED bulbs last longer hides in heat sinks that absorb excess heat and protect bulbs from overheating. The heat sink essentially make LED last longer but the frequency LED bulbs emit and the flicker rate are extremely harmful to us.

Do the opposite from what the green movement tells you and replace all light bulbs with incandescent. You can still get them here.

#4 Disconnect Wi-Fi and Unplug Electrical Devices in the Bedroom

Do not sleep with your cell phone. Make sure you do not have WI-Fi where you sleep. Unplug all electrical devices in the bedroom. 

You want to eliminate all artificial electromagnetic frequencies while you sleep.

A cell phone does not belong in the bedroom. Furthermore, the cell phone should not be used that often. I keep mine off or in airplane mode. I only turn it on when I need to make a phone call or get some information when I am on the go. My cell phone is a tool that makes my life easier. It is not my master and it knows its place.

Also, I sleep like a baby. I get things done during the day without caffeine and sugar.

I owe all of it to restorative night sleep.

#5 Unplug from Modern Life and Social Media

If you unplug from modern life heavily influenced by social media, you all the time in the world to get things done and to sleep peacefully at night. When you do not have modern life distractions such as television and social media, you suddenly get plenty of time to build your empire, to get in good shape, and to spend time with loved ones. And you do not have to sacrifice sleep.

#6 Quit Caffeine

Use caffeine wisely only when you need to get a lot of work done. I drink tea once in a while. However, my drink of choice has been mineral water. I choose Gerolsteiner , it  has natural carbonation, tastes delicious, and comes in a swanky glass bottle.

#7 Get Rid off the Alarm Clock

When you honor circadian rhythms, you will be able to get rid off your alarm clock. I get up when the sun rises and go to bed when the sun goes down. I give myself three hours in the winter to do work. However I go to bed before 10pm.

If you synchronize with natural rhythms, you want have to use an alarm clock to get up in the morning. Getting natural light during the day helps your circadian biology by stimulating cortisol in the morning. Cortisol wakes you up naturally.

Bonus Tip: Get Natural Light During the Day

Natural light controls production of two main hormones: cortisol in the morning and melatonin at night. Sufficient levels of cortisol and melatonin help you respectively wake up without an alarm and fall asleep  and stay asleep through the night.

When you take care of your sleep hygiene, you will gain productivity and focus during the day. You will make better food choices because you feel natural energy.

Sweet dreams!.

Until next time,

-Tatiana Hart

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