Sell or Be Sold

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We have one of the two choices to make in life:

to make our own decisions and influence, or

to be influenced and to follow those who chose to lead.

Either choice is yours. In a world of the media and advertisement that are designed to mold your mind and to steer in a certain direction, you must decide which one you want:

to create and influence,

or to consume and follow.

You will be forced to choose

to Sell or to Be Sold!

How to Influence People

I design and influence people’s mind for a living. I made this choice when I was little. Back then I preferred logical puzzles to dolls and Teddy bears.

I read chemistry books when I was 5 and assembled strange structures out of metal angles and bolts. In return, I learned critical thinking and logic from an early age and received an elite education comprised of logic, rhetoric, and mathematics.

Only these three, I find useful in day today life where my success depends on how articulately  I communicate my thoughts, how fast I can deduce what my opponent is saying and answer, and how emotionally intelligent I am.

To Sell You Must Look Good

Mental clarity and agility tremendously help you build a strong argument. However, the way you look and carry yourself impacts how people perceive you and whether you can sell to them.

People do not want to buy from someone who looks sick, worn out, or sloppily dressed.

You must look clean and well put together if you want to influence others! No excuses.

When you look good, you have more confidence. On the contrary, even if you are confident, a sloppy appearance will discourage others to do business with you and to buy from you.

You Must Exude Confidence

Do not pitch your voice. Speak in a calm manner, lower your voice. A high pitch voice gives away insecurity and implies incompetence, especially in women because it is naturally easier for a woman to pitch her voice. The high pitch distracts from the argument and disallows you to persuade another person.

Select words carefully and avoid slang. You want to relate to people, therefore, use simple human language.

Maintain eye contact. In order to persuade your opponent you must make eye contact.

The best way to do it not come off as a maniac is to look at the spot above the nasal bridge. This area is also designated as the third eye.

The pineal gland sits slightly aback that area in the brain and controls our intuition. By making eye contact in the above fashion you are tapping in the subliminal mind of the opponent.

You should expect the opponent to pull out his checkbook and buy what you are selling not knowing what came over them.

The eye contact strategy I described is used by the most charismatic leaders as one of the most powerful tools of persuasion.

Your hand shake must be firm. Apply pressure once and release. Never shake someone’s hand that it moves their arm.

Great Health Gets Attention

Take care of your health. Follow mother-nature to figure out what makes you look and feel good.  Nature has everything you need to become the best version of you.

5 Basic Principles of Natural Health and Radiance

Nasal Diaphragmatic Breathing

Always breathe through your nose.  Do not underestimate the power of nasal breathing. nature designed the nasal passages to purify air and remove harmful bacteria. Diaphragmatic breathing (think stomach not chest) keeps calm, collected, and confident. Children breathe diaphragmatically and experience neither fear nor worry.

Therefore, using the nose the we are supposed to you will take care of many future health issues.

When you breath through the nose at night, you will not have puffy eyes and dark circles in the morning. The reason for it is you get better sleep with nasal breathing.

The way you can control it is by taping your mouth. What??! Don’t worry you will not suffocate. i have been using mouth taping and have been highly impressed with the results.

Only open your mouth when you speak, eat, and drink. I always keep my mouth shut with the tongue on the roof of the mouth unless I speak, drink, or eat.

Take a look around at people who walk around with their mouths open outside the three activities I specified.

What do they look like to you? They look like they do not have their things together and they wonder around absent minded.

Keep your mouth shut and breath through the nose to project intelligence and confidence.


You must sleep 8-9 hours a night to naturally repair your body. No diet or clean eating will help you if you have poor sleep habits.

When you skip on sleep, you will gain weight, will prematurely age, and acquire a ton of ailments.

Stick to a routine of going to bed at the same time, get 8-9 hours of sleep in a dark cool quiet room.


We need natural full spectrum light. There is no way around it. You have to produce a sufficient amount of hormone D (vitamin D) on your own.

A lot of people supplement with synthetic vitamin D. I do not believe in this practice and do not resort to hormone replacement.

You need hormone D for mineral and nutrient absorption. Furthermore, sunlight regulates circadian rhythms in the human body and its hormonal production.

If you live in sync with sunlight, you will have a sufficient amount of cortisol to wake up in the morning on your own. At night, you will have enough melatonin to easily fall asleep and to stay asleep until the morning.

Try to get as much sunlight as possible in the summer months. During the colder months go outside everyday regardless of the amount of sunlight. You still get some to regulate you sleep-wake cycles.

I have a ritual of watching the sun when it is rises and when it sets. It is an ancient practice that regulates circadian rhythms and strengthens your eyesight. Furthermore, people use sun gazing at sunrise and at sunset to heal their eyesights.

I actually no longer wear sunglasses unless I am at the beach facing the sun at noon. Other then that,I do not stare at the sun at its highest intensity and I feel ua need to wear sunglasses.

Since our eyes contain the highest number of light receptors, by wearing sunglasses we impede sunlight absorption. Overtime, we become sunlight and vitamin D deficient.

Whole Real Food

When I select foods to eat I ask myself only two questions:

Is it nutrient dense?

Are the nutrients bioavailable (can easily be extracted by the body)?

Unless both questions can be affirmed I avoid such foods. The examples of foods I avoid are processed (pasteurized milk), factory made (sugar), synthetic (vegetable oils, margarine).

I also eat seasonal local foods. For instance, I love, love black cherries but they do not grow in New York in November. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are still available at Whole Foods. Cherry trees do not have cherries this time of the year so I won’t buy them in November.

I eat a lot of seafood: salmon roe, oysters in season, and scallops are the most satiating, nutrient dense and bioavailable foods. My favorite breakfast is bacon and eggs. I stay satiated for 6 to 8 hours after the meal. I love unpasteurized butter and cheese. I use plants such as parsley, dill, saffron and other spices to emphasize flavors.


I intentionally used the word movement instead of workout or exercise because we must move consistently. Exercise, on the other hand, should be less frequent but be more intense than movement. I discussed high intensity work out here.

You must move to stay flexible and to allow energy to flow. Movement stimulates problem-solving and critical thinking.

Prominent leaders use the outlined strategies to persuade and influence people. Remember, sell of be sold. They always choose to think for themselves and to sell their vision.

Which one do you choose?

Until next time.

-Tatiana Hart



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