8 Books Every Successful Woman Must Read

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I read books for practical use. Thus, I avoid fiction. I seek practical knowledge, not entertainment. When I read a book I look for practical applications to enrich my life and for an inspiration to create.When I read a book I look for practical applications to enrich my life and for an inspiration to create. My favorite books help me refine a mindset of a winner and inspire me to reach my goals.

The most critical book illustrating that true wealth comes from the mindset is

#1 Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

You need a mindset of a winner to  play and succeed. Napoleon Hill vividly and intelligently breaks the path of success down  into executable action steps. A Burning Desire sets the stage for success and fuels our path with action steps and strategies to get what we want. We must think wealth before we create it. Think and Grow Rich provides everything our mind requires to rewire and form the habit of being wealthy.

#2 The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime!, MJ De Marco

I love MJ De Marco’s straightforward approach. He articulates the only way to financial freedom by way of investment – investing in yourself. He is a real teacher because he speaks from experience. MJ built and sold a business which lead him to  financial freedom and wealth. The Millionaire Fastlane sincerely reveals the secret to wealth – persistent focused work.

#3 Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship, MJ DeMarco

Unscripted  forced me to rethink my business strategies and gave me the power to take responsibility for my own destiny. Free will provides you an opportunity to take charge and win. Otherwise, you will remain where you are – enslaved, broke, and unhappy.

MJ De Marco lights up a desire to find yourself and never work for others and for money again. Take responsibility and exit the matrix of 9-5.

#4 The Art of the Deal, Donald J. Trump

The Art of the Deal inspired me to action and fire me up to achieve my goals. Its simple rhetoric appeals to free spirited hard working entrepreneurs. It gave me an edge to learn how not to do it for the money as the authors states in the opening of the story:

I don’t do it for the money. I’ve got enough, more than I ever need. I do it to do it. Deals are my art form.

#5  The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene

Robert Green outlines the top psychological laws of power every woman must understand and practice to succeed. Success is bound by our relationships and the way we communicate. Therefore, The 48 Laws of Power provides insights into the hidden world of human emotions and perception.  Some of the crucial principles are:

  • always say less than necessary;
  • appeal to self interests not gratitude when ask for a favor
  • conceal your intentions;
  • never outshine your master (especially if you are tenfold more intelligent than them);
  • make yourself indispensable.

You will see the magic immediately when you use the above laws of power. I read the book fast because it is simply written with life examples illustrating Greene’s point.

#6 Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Joe Dispenza

Dr. Dispenza explores the plasticity of our brain. He used his mind to rewire the brain and to heal his fractured spine. A truck hit him during a triathlon competition and left him immobilized due to a fractured spine. Doctors gave him a very low chance to walk after surgery. So he chose not to have surgery.

He promised himself that of he restores his ability to walk and move freely, he will dedicate his life to studying neural plasticity.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself provides tools to rewire your brain and to achieve your true potential. Once you break an old habit, you must create a new one to replace the old one. This is the secret of getting what you want in life.

#7  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Weston A. Price

Weston A. Price  was dissatisfied with the state of the art of dentistry in the 1930s. Therefore, he closed his practice and went on a quest for immaculate health around the world.

Before the trip Weston A. Price was convinced that a vegetarian diet  guarantees perfect health and was determined to find evidence supporting his assumption. He found none. Striving for truth, Weston Price outlined the principles of physical health and beauty in  Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Weston Price noticed that cultures that consumed animal fats daily had perfect bone structure and beautiful teeth. Even when those cultures consumed anti-nutrients contained in grains and some vegetables, they ate them with animal fat. From his observations Price introduced the concept of fat-soluble nutrients. The cultures he visited did not brush teeth, yet they maintained cavity-free teeth He postulated that their dental health stemmed from  nutritional density and bio availability of nutrients in the consumed foods.

We all strive to be beautiful and fit effortlessly. Therefore, every successful woman must read the book because it contains natural principles of health and physical beauty.

#8 The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Aajonus Vonderplanitz

The book had changed my health and fitness when I applied the principles presented in the book in practice. Raw eating with primarily animal foods have been practiced by cultures known for outstanding health, youth, and longevity. Aajonus Vonderplanitz explains the cause of disease and provides nutritional solutions to a broad range of ailments and health problems.

Try steak tartare and carpaccio and you will never have to worry about digestion, muscle cramps and back aches.

I was also impressed by the simplicity of recipes, impeccable taste, and preparation efficiency. You must know the principles in the book to take full control of your health and beauty.

Until next time,

Tatiana Hart

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