If You Think Money Does not Buy Happiness, You Do not Know Where to Shop

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Money and Perception

Money is not there is in the world but it is the only thing kept track of since the pharaohs.

             Dan Peña

Yes, money does buy happiness. And a lot of other things. Ordinarily, money is the most important thing that buys, time, choice, and freedom. Conventional wisdom leads into the trap of jealousy and judgement of the wealthy people. It whispers that money is the root of all evil. Or is it? Wealth is never that. Poverty is the root of all evil.

Money is not scarce contrary to conventional wisdom. Money is a perception of value you build around you and your business. The main pre-requisite of money making is self-esteem. In order to close big deals, you must not care religiously what others think of you. You must value your time. You must present yourself with authority and then you can build wealth virtually from nothing.  In fact, that is how wealthy people do it.

What I have Learned From The $50 Billion Man

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired when I received a chance to spend 8 days in a private castle in Scotland owned by the 50 billion man, Mr. Dan Pena. Mr. Pena has created $50 billion in equity for his students, face-to-face and those who took upon themselves to learn from him. I belong to the latter group.

Guthrie Castle, Scotland

His Quantum Leap Advantage methodology (widely known as QLA) has created more millionaires and billionaires than a single person can mentor.

Most importantly, Mr. Pena made millions for himself by doing what he is teaching now.

The eight day seminar cost £ 10,000 ($12,000) four years ago. And I decided to attend.

Your First 100 Million

However, I pledged not to give up in following Mr. Pena’s methodology. Even more so when I read Your First 100 Million. Originally the book sold for $800. Since I share Mr. Pena’a philosophy and do not believe in learning from reading, I did not buy it.

Have you learned a practical skill from reading a book? I do not think so.  I name a few from my personal experience – computer programming, foreign languages, public speaking, wring. None of them I learned from reading books. I had to go out and talk to native speakers to learn a foreign language. Also, I had to write computer programs to figure out whether I can bait the machine to execute them. To learn how speak in front of people I had to present cogent arguments in public.

Actually, Mr. Pena has recently made the book available on his website at no cost to you. Therefore, it would be outrageous not to read it. His story, his business ethics, and his business approach are worth every minute of your time. Read it and apply it if you want to build true wealth.

Mr. Pena’s philosophy can be summarized in the words below:

Just f***g do it!

Self -esteem

I developed self-esteem not because of my upbringing but  in spite of the environment I grew up. I was trained to always remember what others thought of me. Actually, I did not care. I always stood out, thought differently, got in fights when I had to stand up for myself. So rebelled. Therefore, I developed a sense that I have to succeed in spite of what others think.

Self-esteem is the crucial trait of a wealthy person. Especially, of those who come from humble beginning and aspire to succeed against the odds. Mr Pena’s personal example encouraged me to overcome the obstacles and to fear not things that feel uncomfortable.

Limitless Mindset

Faith in you vision and positive affirmations do work when you take action. When you think rich, you grow rich.

I always achieve things I envision and take action upon my clear vision. By the same token, I never achieved things I did not envision. Therefore, when you set goals that seem unattainable, keep them in your vision. Take action and persevere. You will reach the goal if you keep its clear picture in your mind.

Furthermore, regardless of the initial size of the goal, you will keep looking for ways to achieve it. In other words, if wealth and financial freedom are your primary goals, you will get there no matter what.

Mr. Pena practices Napoleon Hill’s philosophy. His limitless mindset enable him to come form humble beginning growing up in East Los Angeles to building  a company and taking it public on the London Stock Exchange.


Andrew Carnegie tested Napoleon Hill’s assertiveness  by timing his response to the question whether he wanted to interview the 20 most successful people in the world. The results of the interviews aid the foundation for Think and Grow Rich. It took Napoleon Hill 26 seconds to reply.

Ideally you want to analyze your future ventures long enough to obtain enough information about the deal and then decide promptly to accept or reject the project. Do not overanalyze. Do not get stuck in the analysis.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

We encounter things we unreasonably fear every day. Mr. Pena recommends to seek out those things daily and face them to overcome your intimidation. The blurrier the boundary of your comfort zone, the more successful you’ll become. As a result,  you will find more ways to achieve your dream if your learn to face your fears and act despite them.

Take Action

Always remember that reading is not enough. You must take action:

  Just f***g do it!

Until next time,

T. Hart

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