A Minimalist Guide to Style

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I always associate minimalism with elegance because it embodies simplicity and functionality. To free yourself you must surround yourself with things that make your life easier.

I take this principle to heart and acquire items that bring value into my life.

You must always look your best. What it means to me is radiant health.

Then you select a clean elegant style which highlights your best features, Honestly I derive this sense of style from my firm believe that being lean and well toned is a must.

I follow it – I look better in a bikini than fully clothed.

Therefore, I can own a few pieces of well-made clothes and several excellently designed and crafted shoes. I will plug in several examples of shoes and clothes I wear below.

As I pointed out, my style stems from being naturally lean, long legged, and healthy.

Health and a proper body mass index make you look good and simplify your search for clothing.

When you follow this principle, you will always look good. Period.

You will need a very minimalist wardrobe and no jewelry. I do not wear jewelry because  it distracts and takes away from who you are.

Good Sleep

You need good sleep to look good and to look good in well-made clothes. Sleeping in a dark room provides deep REM sleep. You wake up naturally without an alarm clock. You also feel energized without substances.

My favorite tool for great sleep is the Sleep Master silk mask below. I use it every night and when I fly. It fits the contours of my face by way of the velcro closure.

Sleep Master Mask


Sleep Master Mask


Minimalist Shoes

I love the sleek and simple design of a wide leather band wrapping the foot of the Mont Blanc D’Orsay Sandal.

The Spanish craftsmanship makes them perfectly fit and make the foot long and slim. I actually own two pairs – one in smooth leather and one in Oxford textured leather (pictured below).

Mont Blanc from Free People

The shoes make a perfect match with the Greca leather fold over bag  (featured below).  I picked one up in bourbon leather in Mykonos.

Unfortunately, I do no see them sold online so I cannot link to them. However, there is a  business opportunity in this omission. An entrepreneur is born when she creates a business opportunity.

Greca Fold Over Bag, Mykonos, Greece


Greca Fold Over Bag, Mykonos, Greece

Minimalist Laptop

I chose the 13″ MacBook Pro for many reasons. It is portable, powerful  (can process complex memory demanding graphics) and easy on the eyes. I can use it on the go. It also lasts forever.

Minimalist Bag

The Ferrari slim briefcase suits for many occasion. I have it when I am out and when I travel. It perfectly accommodates my 13″ MacBook Pro or a folded trench coat when I do not want to carry it around.

Ferrari Slim Briefcase

Ferrari Slim Brief Case, Mac Book Pro

Ferrari Slim Brief 7 13′ MacBook Pro Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

Main Minimalist Style Principles

My minimalist secret to style is pristine health, fitness, and gorgeous physique.

Then the wardrobe essentially represents a  small collection of pieces that can easily be combined with each other.

Also, such a wardrobe can be packed in a Tumi hard shell carry-on suitcase similar to the one below and can get you on your way to exotic places in no  time.

The capsule wardrobe is conducive for a jet-setter lifestyle or for an alpha living in a fast-paced city.

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