Choose Yourself

To become financially free I had to choose myself. What does it mean?

You must figure out what your life is for. Do you sell your time for money? Do you like the trade off?

Be brutally honest – you will not find your way out otherwise. You will lose yourself and will never get the life you want.


You work a job and “invest” your money in the stock market hoping it grows so you can retire with an umbrella drink poolside. Have you ever asked what a stock market is ? If you do, you will be deeply disappointed with your seemingly bulletproof secure retirement strategy. [Read More…]

How to Defy Fear to Succeed in Life

Fear only exists when you give attention to what you are afraid of. That’s right, you are the one who creates it. Regardless of whether you succumb to peer pressure and expose yourself to the mainstream media or inflict fear upon yourself, fear takes control over your mind and jeopardizes your success. Fear paralyzes you and  takes away your focus from what matters most.

Agree that you want to live life to its fullest. Will you succeed when your fear wins and you stop taking risk? Of course, not. You will have a safe, unfulfilling, and dull life. [Read more…]

Live Each Day As It Were Last

Live each day as if it were your last, and you will develop a keen respect for opportunity.

 Napoleon Hill

What would you change if you realized that your time in this world is the most precious thing?

Presume the balance of your bank account  is $100,000. It completely disappears when the day is over. Say a thief took $10 out of your account. What would you do?  [Read more…]

Live By What you Preach

You have to live by what you preach. No excuses. Nobody wants advice. An intelligent person will never follow:

Do what I say, not what I do.

Let’s learn from children. Adults can say to a child whatever they want but the child will emulate their action not their words.

Do what you say. People see it and if what you do gives results, they will listen.

They will listen to your action.

I never take advice from unqualified people who do not have experience in what they are talking about or if they do not have results.

Do not solicit advice, if I want your advice, I will ask for it. [Read more…]

The Power of Saying ‘No’

Do not underestimate the power of no. If you learn to say it, it will get you ahead in life. No will free you from activities you should not be involved in anyway. It will buy you precious time for things you need to focus on: your creative projects, family, loved ones.

I have probably more things I say ‘no’ to. There are ten most common ones below.

10 Things I Say ‘No’ to:

  1. Time wasting activities
  2. Mindless consumption
  3. Debt [Read more…]

Sell or Be Sold

We have one of the two choices to make in life: to make our own decisions and influence, or

to be influenced and to follow those who chose to lead.

Either choice is yours. In a world of the media and advertisement that are designed to mold your mind and to steer in a certain direction, you must decide which one you want: to create and influence, or to consume and follow.

You will be forced to choose

to Sell or to Be Sold!  [Read more…]

On the Power of Focused Work

Why Hard Work Does not Guarantee Success

Only 20% of our efforts produce 80% of the results. The corollary of the Pareto principle  confirms that the 80% of our efforts will become fruitless. Why don’t we use this information to work smarter, not harder?

In order to apply the 80/20 principle we must work toward a goal, have a detailed action plan, and have a reason for achieving the goal. I will explain the latter below in Find Your Why.

Why You Need to Work Toward a Goal

Working toward a goal gives you a laser sharp focus. When you have a burning desire to succeed, put in focused work, and follow a detailed strategy, you will reach your goal. [Read more…]

How to Think And to Grow Rich

Have you ever wanted something, known that you will receive it but had no idea how it will happen and why? I have experienced this in my life many, many times but could not articulate why this happens until I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Today I would like to cover the secrets to thinking and growing rich as they have helped me tremendously to become who I am now.

Do read the book for his arguments and life stories. Also, you want to verify for yourself what I outlined below. Hope these secrets inspire you as they did me. [Read more…]

Do Less, Achieve More


‘Life is a battle’. If you think that way, it will become a battle for you. In fact, you might fight and accomplish nothing. On this website,  I exclusively share what I have experienced. I am not interested in regurgitating other people’s experiences. Thus, here is my conclusion.I have tried the life is battle approach. It did not work for me. It felt like I was going upstream exerting  tremendous effort and yet I received resistance.  Furthermore it prevented me to get to my goal faster. On the other hand, when I trusted my intuition, and eased back I attained success a lot faster.

The Lao Tzu words in the beginning of the article mean that all parts of a whole must synchronize in order to accomplish something. [Read more…]

Breaking the Habit of Being in Debt

Breaking the Habit

In order to break a habit you must create a new one.

Habits come from the subconscious mind therefore, cannot be controlled by our will power.

If you  ever tried to change a habit with the sheer magic of your will power, you know that did not make a dent, at least in the long run.

Finding Your Why

So how do you get rid of bad habits? First, you need to figure out a why”  behind the habit and then to come out with another alternative to satisfy the why.

For instance, you eat chocolate when you are upset or emotionally derailed.

Does the chocolate resolve the problem due to which  you are emotionally riled up? [Read more…]

The Financial Freedom Mindset: What I have Learned From Stoics

Financial Freedom

The Shawshank Redemption

Emotional Intelligence, Financial Freedom, and Wealth

Financial freedom and wealth stem from emotional intelligence and from our ability to understand the difference between categories that add value to our life  and those that limit our financial safety net. First of all, let us invert the famous saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness”. [Read more…]