How to Look Good… Naked

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You look good naked when you have self-esteem and the intelligence to take care of yourself. As a result, you feel energy and vitality.

I personally prefer a bikini to a suit because I understand the importance of sunlight to my health and beauty.

I oftentimes joke that I prefer to wear a bikini to a bespoke suit because I look better in the former. However, there is a place and a time.

However, a bikini may not always be appropriate for New York City…

Health, confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude make you more attractive than high end clothes. You do need to have taste and style but the latter stems from the first four attributes.

So how do you get to look good naked?

Never Outsource Your Health

Your own health has to be your own responsibility – do not outsource your health to others, including your doctor. Doctors are also people and can be and are oftentimes  wrong.

I have friends with medical PhDs who cannot explain simple biological processes and mechanism that should be common sense. Furthermore, they ask me for advice on dieting and lifestyle because of the way I look.

Wait, am I not supposed to ask  them for advice?!?

For the record, I do not accept nor follow any diets. Most diets are driven by hidden agenda not by scientific evidence.

They are subjective and what is presented as scientific evidence oftentimes is subjectively selected by a sponsored party to substantiate a biased theory at best.

Others have logical flaws in the reasoning and confuse correlation and causation. For instance,  ingesting carbs will lead to diabetes.

But not everyone who eats carbs gets diabetes. Maybe, it is other environmental factors. Do your research and evaluate the logic of a certain argument.

Getting closer to nature and eating seasonally and living in sync with sun cycles make a lot of sense.

The “trust but verify” maxim comes in handy evaluating scientific evidence you read in print and hear on the radio. When in doubt, follow you body – it never lies.

Be Consistent in Your Lifestyle 

Beauty and physical appeal stem from habits: you must be consistent in what you do and how you do it.

Your lifestyle determines the way you look and feel. Diets do not work, lifestyle does.

You figure out what you like to eat from the amount of energy  you get and the way you feel after eating a certain type of food.

That is not to say, you should not have cake if you really want to. But you will figure it out fast that it is  not satisfying to eat cake. Whatever you do, avoid alcohol.

A clear head and focus are the two most attractive qualities.

Get Sleep and Natural Light 

Become one with nature – understand your circadian biology to thrive and look fabulous.

Rise and go to bed with the sun, literally; you will generate as much energy and light as the most powerful celestial body without the help of substances.

Get good night sleep. Sleep heals and repairs naturally without the aid of substances. The sun goes down – you unwind and fall asleep.


Move consistently.

Working out an hour a day does not suffice. If you sit 8-9 hours a day, an hour- long work out is not going to get you in shape.

Rather move consistently throughout the day and skip the gym. Better yet, go outside and get sun light.

Expose as much skin to the sun and your immune system will strengthen protecting you from colds especially if you live in a temperate climate.

Enjoy Real Food

It goes without saying that you should eat whole unprocessed (or minimally processed) food. The type that has only one ingredient. If you cook food, you process it. Thus nutrient content and bio availability and digestibility should be you guides in making food choices.

Pizza, for instance, does not qualify for unprocessed. Food should give nutrients and energy. The more process food, the less nutrition it contains.

Forget diets – they do not work. Eat real food and only eat when you are hungry.

Love Yourself

Strive to be a better you but… forgive yourself when you make a mistake.

Learn from it, analyze why you failed, and move on.

You must forgive yourself in order to succeed in the future. You must remember where you went wrong but you must not relive it to stay productive and successful.

Give yourself time, alone.

You do not necessarily need to meditate to stay calm and collected.

However, you do need to step back and reflect, to be grateful for what you have to receive more.

Do it daily. You will soon notice how your self-esteem benefits from it.

You hear the maxim ‘You have to love yourself first to love someone else’ which is one hundred percent true.

How else would you learn the feeling of love if do not feel compassionate and respectful toward yourself?

Continue self-improvement but pause to understand that you are enough. It will lead you to the next attractive quality – confidence.

Be Confident

You do know what you want from life deep inside. However, constant external noise from you surrounding, friends, media force you to look for answers outside.

You ask questions but never seem to get the right answer from friends, family, strangers.

Why is that? Because no one knows you better that you know yourself. No one does. No one will. So stop asking silly questions, look inward.

Follow you intuition – you find the confidence you need to make your own life choices.

Confidence makes you ridiculously attractive as no designer clothes do. Be yourself and inspire others to follow you lead.

When I said you are enough, I did not want to mislead you into complacency of mindlessly spending your time watching television.

Get rid off the cable completely – books are much better for personal growth. You do need to grow. You are enough because you have all the answers you need to become what you want.


Nasal diaphragmatic breathing keeps your fight or flight response and  cortisol under control. Proper breathing purifies air, eliminates harmful bacteria, and warm up cold air.

Diaphragmatic breathing calms you down and lets you be present.

When you are present, you project confidence and control.

Biologically, shorter inhales and longer exhales protect your tissue from oxidizing by way of providing tissue-protecting carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide ensures that we maintain a sufficient count of red blood cells.

The paradox lies in the need for us for oxygen and its aging properties. We age prematurely with excess oxygen in our body. To avoid that, we want to pay attention to the way we breath.

Believe in Yourself

Trust your intuition and follow it, always. without exceptions. You are the best investment because you can guarantee the highest return.

Keep focus and persevere and you achieve the unimaginable. Trust me, I have done it. When you believe in yourself you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Just keep focus and consistency.

Have a Positive Attitude

My sister says “I do not want to watch the news to it because it is bad for me”.

Whining, complaining, depression,  and negativity, also known as bad vibes only hurt you. Also, they are choice, no exception.

Whining and complaining are bad habits that have been encouraged long enough to become part of you. Those two are highly unattractive: they make you look clingy and needy.

Stop it, please! Every experience in life tests your ability to grow and flourish. You change your attitude and circumstances and people in your life miraculously change.

Tested  myself – your ability to change attitude gives you a whole new perspective. And make you resilient and unbelievably attractive.

Gratitude helps you elevate your energy and creates a sense of satisfaction,

By being grateful for you have, you reinforce a desire to work toward your goals. Gratitude gives motivation and drive to succeed and success undeniable makes you attractive.

Depression, a prolonged bout of whining, complaining and negativity, is not a disease, contrary to popular belief.

It was elevated to the status of a serious condition by the pharmaceutical industry and made millions in sales of antidepressants for the latter.

However,  natural light, nutrient dense food, and good night sleep reverse the stubborn depression in a very short time. It is a simple lifestyle choice in the name of vitality and good energy. 

Have a positive perception of yourself: never talk down to yourself. After all, the mind and the body are one thing.

The misnomer denoting the connection of the mind with the body implies that the two are separate things. It is incorrect.

The mind, actually shapes the material  world. Your body does not exist in the absence of the mind.

Therefore, your body cannot be separated from your mind. The mind gives you a stellar body and health,  self-esteem, and confidence.

And sure thing, those make you look fabulous naked.

Until next time.

-Tatiana Hart.

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