Live Each Day As It Were Your Last

Tatiana Hart/ December 4, 2018/ MINDSET/ 0 comments

Live each day as if it were your last, 

and you will develop a keen respect 

for opportunity.

              Napoleon Hill

What would you change if you realized that your time in this world is the most precious thing?

Presume the balance of your bank account  is $100,000. It completely disappears when the day is over. Say a thief took $10 out of your account. What would you do?

Would your chase the thief for the lost $10 or would you withdraw the remaining $100,990 before the day expires and disregard the loss?

I would go for the latter. The time is too precious not to use it wisely. We must evaluate and pick our battles rationally.

What Would You Do If Today Were Your Last Day?

Spend Time with Family and Loved Ones

When we think about money and costs, we need to take people into consideration. Presume, I am working on freeing myself from debt and on building my debt free empire. It is time to spend time with my family. I am working hard and expending every joule of energy to pay off debt and grow business. Is it worth to buy a ticket to fly spend time with my family?

You really want to be financially free like yesterday but you get thrown a test, you must decide. I hope you choose people, as do I. It will not matter tomorrow if you are financially free if you or they are not around.

The point is you have to fix your thinking to overcome this temporary obstacle on the way to your financial freedom and have both. In fact, you have to have both – financial freedom and the time with family. Liberate your mind and have both.

Evaluate Your Investment Strategies

We covered my disdain for traditional investment vehicles earlier. You know why? because they are a mind game based on blind faith that has no proven track record.

Let’s take a 401(k) plan. This retirement plan resembles playing Russian Roulette. Mostly due to the fact that I intensely despise gambling. i do take risks though. But the outcome of this type of risk is poorly projected.

Even if there are any money in your 401(k) and you make until 60 to live of the money without penalty, you spend your life hoping for something that may not manifest.

Investing in yourself, on the other hand, suggests that you live your life instead as if each day were your last. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor while you are young. Perhaps, you will live way past 60 and stay passionate about your work. Except you no longer work for money.

Develop a Keen Respect for Opportunity

When you realize that your time is limited, you will live intuitively and pay attention to opportunity. You will turn every ostensible problem into new relationships, experiences, business ventures.

If today were your last day, what would you do?


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