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An Intentional Nomad

You deserve to live in a place where you are treated best  Some seek a new safe haven for economic reasons, others want a higher quality of life such as a natural environment, beach, ocean, wholesome organic food, clean air and nourishing water.

I will address both aspects because they determine my next safe haven to different degrees. Worth noting, that I love travel and I adapt well to new environments.

A nomadic lifestyle provides adventure, new relationships, personal and professional growth. In the process I enjoy the trip as much as the destination: after all,  change and associated challenges promote individual growth.

It is always only probable to change yourself and your attitude not the people around you. However, if you change your attitude and your perception, you will create new opportunities somewhere else in the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Economic Incentive

If you are a location-independent entrepreneur, such that you have a consulting, lending, or an drop-ship business, etc., your new safe haven choices are a lot broader than that of a business owner whose geographic location is dictated by his physical business location.

If your business incentive, as well as mine, is to increase net profit, you want to decrease expenses whether they are associated with the cost of living or tax related.

Taxes always eat most of the income, especially if you are the so-called high earner.

In most economically developed, first-world, countries, income tax exceeds 40-50%. Scandinavian countries such Sweden and Norway have a 60% income tax rate.

Despite very high living standards, you do not get to keep most of what you earn. Most people would not see an incentive in working harder to achieve higher earnings: higher taxes typically mean high social benefits such as welfare and pensions distributed to others.

You do get rewarded with high earnings for creating jobs, but you also want to keep most of it.

If you work for someone else, your earnings will be taxed based on your geographic locations unless you are a United States or Eritrean citizen.

The latter two countries impose income tax on their citizens regardless of  their location in the world.

There are exceptions which allow to apply for a bona fide residence status and make the first $100,00 of the income exempt of income tax.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A wealthy safe haven such as Dubai has become home to many nomad-entrepreneurs due to lenient tax laws: it does not have income tax which in turn promotes wealth preservation and business growth.

Lifestyle Incentive

If you are like me seeking like-minded people and a cleaner environment than that of New York City, you most likely take a slightly different approach to selecting a safe haven.

Whether you choose an urban setting or a more pristine coastal paradise, you will pay attention to the quality of the environment, air, water, and the availability of nutritious organic food.

Many American entrepreneurs have chosen the Mayan Rivera and the Costa Rican rain forest for their ecologically conscious hospitality ventures. Amansala Hotel and the bikini bootcamp started in search of peace, balance, and a bikini body.

Amansala Hotel is owned and operated by an expat , a former New Yorker-nomad, who found peace in tranquil Mayan Rivera.

Sunlit Tulum has the best amenities – 365 days of sunshine and heat and mineral rich cool cenote conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Away from artificial electromagnetic field you can recharge and heal faster and stay young forever with the abundant sunshine, clean air and delicious whole food.


Top Five Safe Havens

My five top choices of economic and lifestyle driven safe haven countries are:

  1. Switzerland
  2. New Zealand
  3. The United Arab Emirates
  4. Singapore
  5. Costa Rica

I did create a geographically diverse list due to the reasons I will concentrate on below.

However, your first choice will not be construed as either right or wrong: your choice is always right, for the time of making it.

Our life circumstances and values change, so should our geographical locations.


I personally share the cultural and life philosophy of the Swiss: you cannot get something for nothing.

If you work hard, you will get rewarded. Swiss appreciate true assets keeping the gold standard behind their currency all the way through the twenty-first century.

It was repealed in 2000. They take care of their possessions and avoid the consumerism trap. The cost of living is very high due to the first principle – you cannot get something for nothing.

Of course if you do not share the same philosophy, you may choose an emerging economy such as Costa Rica or Malaysia, Your choice, of course, will be based on your current life values.

New Zealand

New Zealand combines outstanding economic opportunities with pristine natural environment and amazing beaches. That does not mean that you can easily get naturalized though.

It requires work to obtain a residence permit New Zealand imposes income tax. However, the highest bracket caps at thirty three percent which is still lower than tha of the United States.

The United Arab Emirates

The land of the oil wealth, the United Arab Emirates, will allow to do business without breaking your back.

If you are United States citizen, you will owe income tax after the first $100,000 but will be free of tax to the United Arab Emirates.

The low crime rate  of only 19.5% makes Dubai a safe place for raising a family and sustainable living. Dubai occupies the top ten list of the safest cities in the world and provides a safe environment for tourists.

Unlike common misconception of widespread misogyny, women receive deep respect in the Emirates and a safe environment to thrive and to achieve success.

Special pink taxis driven solely by women provide safe transportation for female riders.

Women are not required to wear burkas in the Emirates but business appropriate clothes widely accepted in western cultures.


Located in the heart of South East  Asia, Singapore has been experiencing rapid financial and economic growth in the past decade presenting new opportunities for nomad entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the lower cost of living will make your money last will help you get high quality for less. The tropical climate provides abundant sunlight and warm temperatures which makes it a perfect choice for those who dislike the winter.

Singapore has a low crime rate of 16.5% which beats the United Arab Emirates and provides a safe environment for raising children and having a family.

Primary criminal activity comprise mostly cybercrime and credit-card fraud which does not pose direct harm to human life and health,

No wonder, Singapore has been gaining a reputation of one of the safest cities in the world. Furthermore, the law is strictly enforced in Singapore and regulations require compliance by way of high fines.

Misdemeanors such as littering, chewing gum, drug use, and smoking in public places, eating on public transportation systems earn large fines encouraging the highest rate of compliance.

Strict law enforcement facilitates the safest and the cleanest  environment for world nomads, couples, and families.

Costa Rica

The low cost of living, gorgeous beaches, superb biodiversity and abundant whole food make Costa Rica a safe haven for both geographically independent entrepreneurs and business owners who specialize in ecologically conscious hospitality services.

We are happiest and most productive when we are treated well. For that, we look for places that sustain our personal and professional growth and nourish us. As intentional nomads, we embrace adventure, change, opportunities.

That is why get rewarded with long-term relationships with like-minded kindred spirits.






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