15 Things I Never Travel Without

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I always travel light. I own a hard shell carry-on bag that accommodates everything I need.  Moreover, traveling this way saves me money. You can find cheaper air fares when you travel light. You notice that you have to pay for checked luggage. Also, if you do not eat on the plane, travel Norwegian. You can get a cheap fare and eat before you get on the plane. The plane food is not worth the price difference. I flew from Paris to New York for $250 eighteen months ago. Furthermore, their Dream liners have plenty of leg room even in coach and extremely comfortable seats.

Since I always travel light, thus, I never bring an umbrella on an air trip. If you absolutely have to get one, get it.  I was meeting my sister for dinner in Paris on my birthday two years ago. The day was beautiful and sunny until I went to change and get ready for dinner. When I went outside, barely made to a corner store on Rue De Grenelle to get an umbrella. However, it has been one of the best umbrellas. As was crossing the bridge, a 40 mile an hour wind gust blasted, but the umbrella did not cave. It did pass the test. [Read more…]

8 Books Every Successful Woman Must Read

I read books for practical use. Thus, I avoid fiction. I seek practical knowledge, not entertainment. When I read a book I look for practical applications to enrich my life and for an inspiration to create. My favorite books help me refine a mindset of a winner and inspire me to reach my goals.

The most critical book illustrating that true wealth comes from the mindset is. [Read more…]

How to Sleep Better for Health, Happiness, and Better Performance

Reasons by Which Sleep Makes Your Life Complete

Better Decision Making

We make better choices when we are well rested. Our decisions and choices are processed with willpower. Since willpower wear out the more you use it, just like a muscle. When you do not sleep enough, you have to allocate willpower to stay awake and function. Thus, other vital decisions will be made on autopilot with less consideration to the outcome of these decisions and their impact on our health, for instance, such as food choices. Chips and a Snickers bar are not food, by the way, you are just to tired to discern it. [Read more…]

Uncooking: Why I Eat Raw

Why I Eat Raw

My exposure to beef tartare started when I was four. Ordinarily, I was helping my grandma cook. Or so I thought. Grandma was making hamburgers. I was always by her side through the entire process

However, in my humble opinion  the first two ingredients with some ground black pepper created a perfect dish. That is why when a mixture of ground beef and raw egg yolks was created and Grandma turned away or went to get more ingredients for the hamburgers, I treated myself to the steak tartare. I had no idea the dish existed at the time, nor did I care. Intuitively, I found the mixture of raw beef and raw egg yolks extremely nourishing and satisfying. [Read more…]

How I Heal Myself By Doing Absolutely Nothing

I actually do heal myself by not doing anything. My favorite two methods for healing virtually anything are absolutely free. They are:

Intermittent fasting


I actually cured allergies, headaches, fevers, nausea, break outs by doing absolutely nothing. That’s correct.  I do not generally get headaches thus when one is impending I fast and get enough sleep.

Nature Knows Better

You do not have do anything fro many ailments. You do need to diets, drugs, advanced procedures, or doctors. Have you seen a doctor heal anyone? I don’t think so. Do you know the reason doctors do not heal?  They do not know the cause of disease[Read more…]

The Perfect Meal: Can You Thrive on One Meal a Day?

El Xalet de Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain

A Quest for a Perfect Meal

I am not eating one meal a day for purely financial gain I am not trying to save money by eating once a day. However, since I will  be seating less frequently and may spend less money. In my mind, quality always trumps quantity and in the long run saves a lot of time and money. It is more cost effective to prevent ailments than determine the cause and fix them later. True and tried.

Financial and personal freedom is a function of the mindset. You have to have a clear goal and effective tools top achieve it. I aim at mental clarity and optimal brain and body performance to invest in my business and to achieve financial prosperity. None of them exist apart from one another. [Read more…]

Why You Need Saturated Fat

Eating fat will not make you fat. Of course, is more complicated but you can safely eat saturated fat and stay lean. Saturated fat satiates faster that any other macro nutrient and keeps you satiated for a long time.

What are Saturated Fats?

Saturated fats comprise molecules that have single bonds between carbon molecules because they are saturated with hydrogen molecules. Saturated fats are typically solid at room temperature. [Read more…]

The Elite Diet: How I Eat for Beauty, Health, and Energy

Clear Mind and Flexible Body

I eat to have energy and to be flexible. I make my food choices based on how I feel after eating them. I am extremely flexible. I move fast and easily avoid collisions. It works really well in an overpopulates city such as New York. The secret of my flexibility and fast reactions lies in my eating habit

I grew up eating seasonally and practice that daily. I do not have a problem eating berries and fruits in season in small quantities. Although, I love black cherries for the deep sophisticated flavor. [Read more…]

How I Thrive in a Toxic World

How can you thrive in a toxic world? Is it even probable? Yes, it is. However, you need a mindset to recognize harmful environments and to learn to mitigate them.I have found ways to recognize unfavorable agents and to avoid them in my life.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

First and foremost, I do not watch television. I want to have my frontal lobes working so I can think clearly at all times and defend myself. Why do you want the doom and gloom on the news entering your soul and entraining you to be constantly depressed? Look out of your window. Is it what they are showing on the news?. [Read more…]

How to Create Privacy Online and in Life

As social beings, we want to be introverts from time to time and have our private headspace. Today perhaps  we  desire privacy more than ever. Constantly being bombarded with advertisements,  a surveyed and spied on by marketers, sold and sold over and over again, we want to escape and protect precious information.

You get caught by surprise (or get outraged) by mind reading search engines spitting search results before you even conduct a search.  When a Google ad pops up on your phone with the exact pair of shoes you were thinking about a few minutes ago, you cannot help but wonder “How on earth did it read my mind? I did not utter a word!”.  [Read more…]

How to Become and Stay Naturally Fit


Our body rejuvenates naturally during sleep. We need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep depending on the diurnal length. When a day is longer, I can get away with 7-8 hours of sleep. My typically sleep for eight hours. However, this time of the year when the day is extremely short, I sometimes need ten hours. i prefer to sleep at night and not to take naps during the day. I trust nature’s wisdom, therefore, I follow light cycles.

Synchronizing with the natural circadian cycle enables me to balance my hormones naturally. I do not need substances to rise and shine in the morning. Cortisol which rises between 4 and 7 o’clock in the morning should naturally energize us. [Read more…]

A Minimalist Guide to Style

I always associate minimalism with elegance because it embodies simplicity and functionality. To free yourself you must surround yourself with things that make your life easier. I take this principle to heart and acquire items that bring value into my life.

You must always look your best. What it means to me is radiant health. Then you select a clean elegant style which highlights your best features, Honestly I derive this sense of style from my firm believe that being lean and well toned is a must. I follow it – I look better in a bikini than fully clothed.  [Read more…]

How to Look Good…Naked

You look good naked when you have self-esteem and the intelligence to take care of yourself. As a result, you feel energy and vitality. I personally prefer a bikini to a suit because I understand the importance of sunlight to my health and beauty. I oftentimes joke that I prefer to wear a bikini to a bespoke suit because I look better in the former. However, there is a place and a time. However, a bikini may not always be appropriate for New York City.

Health, confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude make you more attractive than high clothes. You do need to have taste and style but the latter stems from the four attributes. So how do you get to look good naked?. [Read more…]

Financial Freedom and Minimalism: Quality versus Quantity

Frugality and Minimalism

Wealthy people are frugal but not cheap: they prefer long-lasting quality versus shopping on sale (buy anything you see just because it is on sale). I am frugal but I never shop through sales and thrift stores: if  something is on sale for $25 instead of $50, you are not saving $25 but spending them. There are exceptions: for instance,  you need an item and you wait to see if you can get a discount or buy on sale. You plan strategically and save money on something you need versus simply buying things simply because they are discounted. [Read more…]