Why Your Should Buy the Freedom to Homeschool Your Child

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Why You Should Homeschool Your Child

The only two people who care about your child’s personal growth are you and your spouse. To think that another person would care about education of your child more than you do would be empty hopes. People are always concerned with themselves and their growth.

If you truly want your child to be successful and to give them the tools to create a great future, you have to take his education in your own hands.

Neither public nor private schools provide the tools for your child I am discussing further in this article. You are the one who can save her time and frustration by forming the crucial skills so can succeed sooner.

How You Can Afford to Homeschool Your Child

You can afford to homeschool and raise your child in either of the two ways:

  • you have plenty of money not to work and to raise your children;
  • you build a business that allows you to spend as much time as possible with your children and bring them on business trips whenever you want.

You Have Enough Money to Raise Your Child

You have to save enough money or to create cash flow before you have a child.

Another option to allow one of the spouses to raise the child while the other is making money.

Also you can save money and find a place where the cost of living is very low without sacrificing the quality of life. You may actually a cleaner, safer, and cheaper place from the one you live now.

You Have a Business Model that Affords to Homeschool

If you own a business, you can modify the business model to allow you to raise and to homeschool your children yourself.

If you truly understand the importance of homeschooling your child, you will find a way to do it.

Ben Greenfield’s business model as a fitness entrepreneur permits him and his spouse to live close to nature and to homeschool  their two twins.

8 Reasons to Homeschool

Encourage the child to critically think

The primary skill your child needs is to know how to take responsibility and to take care of yourself and provide for yourself in the future.

These two have been intentionally omitted from the public school curriculum. If they can stand on their own early enough, they may want to choose not to go to college at all.

Besides speaking and walking, one of the other things the child will learn is reading. Teach them to understand what the author is saying and whether what she is saying makes sense from a perspective of logic.

Also, train them to discern whether information serves them.

When they come across contradictory information, they will have to rely on their personal experience and observations to discern whether the information objective and whether it serves them.

Make it clear that they have to trust their intuition and rely on logic to obtain true knowledge and to succeed in life.

Provide active learning

Spend time with you child in nature so she can observe and inquire about natural phenomena. Teach them to garden and grow food early. They will learn not to eat packaged and unrecognizable processed “food” once they learn the power of real food.

Allow the child to learn about natural health

Let the child learn light cycles and naturally experience the flow of circadian rhythms. Show them where real food comes from so they understand health benefits of real food. If you teach them early that real food is what they need to live well, think fast, and stay young long,  they will not touch processed food and candy as adults.

Do not allow them near a computer or a cell phone. There is nothing they cannot learn without them. To understand computers the child will need logic. She will also need logic to speak clearly and to communicate with others.

Talk to the child about money

Explain to the child what money is and what money is not. Money is a tool to provide for them and for their family and to become free from ties and from false hard work.

Money is not the end goal though.Teach them about credit and to discern what they want to spend their energy on and what they don’t to spend it on. It directly relates to financial freedom, responsibility, and debt.

Encourage the child to think as a business owner

When the child understands how money works, she will be able to evaluate what her energy and work worth. Explain to her that she needs to provide value to earn money.

Make it clear to her that since the value is perceived by others the amount of money she can ask for her work will depend on that.

Let her learn about assets and liabilities at an early age. Explain to her cashflow and how assets produce it. Teach her to accumulate assets to pay for liabilities and to stay financially free.

Create a wealth mindset early and you will not have to worry about the future of your child.

Teach her to create, not to consume. Explain that creating gives her leverage and frees her form the ties of working for money.

Teach the child about relationships and respect

Always talk to your child as to another adult. Give children the same respect as you do to adults. Respect will motivate them to grow and to learn. Respect will motivate them to understand themselves and to seek answers within.

Teach them the power of focused work that yields results. Explain that focused work will take them to their goals and to open up new opportunities.

For the first six years of the life, the child does not learn from words, she learns from observations. She watches you and emulates everything you do.

You must match your words with your actions to have the child to absorb what you are saying. If those two clash, children detect duplicity and will still emulate your action regardless of what you are saying.

Select sciences you want your child to learn

The education of the elite have always included logic, rhetoric, and mathematics. My other three choices would be physics, chemistry, and biology. All three do not exist without each other and, therefore, should be introduced in conjunction with one another and their significance within human biophysics.

Logic goes well with critical thinking, Your child needs to understand what she reads with respect to whether what she is reading makes sense. She needs to recognize logical flaws and how to take an argument apart. This skill will give her leverage in business and relationships and the ability to take care of herself.

The art of rhetoric will enable the child to be persuasive and to become a leader.

The art of numbers, mathematics,  will give her respect for compounding. Once she understands it, she will not fall prey to debt and know how to leverage her energy and money.

Teach them to love themselves

Public school most likely will teach your child to be like others and compete in material possessions. However, public school will not teach about money and financial responsibility.

Therefore, the child may end up an obedient slave competing with others overextending herself on credit and feeling more miserable and trapped.

If your child learns to love herself early, none of it will happen. She will not need to worry about having the latest iPhone or buying a drone simply because it the latest thing in vogue and everyone else does it.

What about social interaction? Well, you have kindred spirits in your life who have children. Expose your child to them. They will meet other children regardless of whether they go to school or learn at home.

Also you can enroll your child in classes such as dance, martial arts, horseback riding, or similar depending on their personal interests so they can meet like minded children.

Until next time.

-Tatiana Hart


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