Go Against the Grain

Tatiana Hart/ January 5, 2019/ FINANCIAL FREEDOM, MINDSET/ 0 comments

How many times what they tell you has worked the way they say it would? None.

I looked around and observed those who do what they are told. They get inferior results and then they proceed to complain about how unlucky they are. Duh… You followed their advice, who’s to blame now…

I started doing the opposite from what the mainstream sells. I noticed excellent results.

I know from experience that doing what works requires courage because it goes against what everyone else does. But I am not everyone else. I see what they have and that is not what I want.

I want health and mental clarity.

I do not want to work myself into oblivion and make others wealthy.

I do not want to narcotize myself with mindless entertainment.

Listen to us, do not worry about anything, everything will be fine. Surrender to fate, give up responsibility for your life, rely on luck.

So how does following their advice get me where I want to be?

I do the opposite.

Money Gives Freedom, or Does It?

When I say money gives freedom what do I mean?

I primarily mean that the possession of money alone does not guarantee freedom. You must have the right mindset and excellent health to have money flow your way.  Remember, you look good, you feel good. 

Money is an ambiguous illusory concept.

The power to manifest money is true wealth. To acquire true wealth, you need a mindset.You do not hear this one a lot from an average Joe, do you?

‘Work hard, play hard’  makes you completely lose the sense of what you are here for. The work hard play hard rule is designed to make others wealthy and for you to lose time.

Work hard, invest in the stock market and when you are 65, you will get to rip the fruits of your labor.

Does it sound good to you? I don’t think so. People who follow the 401(k) wealth building plan do not have energy and time to enjoy their savings.

Fluoride laden water, Frankenstein foods, pharmaceuticals go along with their retirement plans literally ruin their health and rob them off their energy.

They have been following the plan for so long that they cannot discern what food is. They ask what chips are good for them. Chips are not food. But they have been narcotized for so long that they cannot think for themselves.

You do not want to be them. Go against the grain.

You have only one choice, to do the opposite of what every one does.

Everyone plays, you design the game.

Everyone incessantly consumes, you create and produce.

Everyone ingests junk and take drugs, you eat food and remain clear-headed.

You must design the game to have  true wealth. You draw money your way to buy choice and time.

Wealthy people do not work hard to make money. Wealthy people design their own game and attracts others to play it. They create assets that attract money from those who work hard, play hard.


A windy day in San Pantaleo, Sardinia

Going against the grain is like resisting a strong wind: it is hard and exhausting in the beginning until it becomes your nature. it is hard in the beginning because you do not know yourself well and think that you have to conform. It is hard in the beginning because you do not know what you are capable of.

Once you realize that holding your own is the only way of being and you have nothing to fear, you will pivot, play, and succeed. Go against the grain. It is the only way you get to keep your soul, to have abundance, and to become free.

Until next time,

-Tatiana Hart

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