On the Power of Focused Work

Tatiana Hart/ November 21, 2018/ MINDSET/ 0 comments

Why Hard Work Does not Guarantee Success

Only 20% of our efforts produce 80% of the results. The corollary of the Pareto principle  confirms that the 80% of our efforts will become fruitless. Why don’t we use this information to work smarter, not harder?

In order to apply the 80/20 principle we must work toward a goal, have a detailed action plan, and have a reason for achieving the goal. I will explain the latter below in Find Your Why.

Why You Need to Work Toward a Goal

Working toward a goal gives you a laser sharp focus. When you have a burning desire to succeed, put in focused work, and follow a detailed strategy, you will reach your goal.

‘How do i put in focused work that pays off ?’ you may ask me.

Willpower, Discipline, and Focus

First of all, you cannot do on will power. Willpower like a muscle gets exhausted  when you put too much force on it. Every decision you have to make daily will gradually reduce your will power.

Therefore, the more decisions you have to make during the day, the less willpower you will have toward the end of it. Also, you will lose focus the more you flex and rely on the willpower muscle.

You mitigate the will power problem through detailed planning, automation, and and prioritization. The combination of the three tools yields success in reaching your goal.

Find Your Why

You simply need to know why you are doing what you are doing. When you have a reason you are a lot more likely to find ways to achieve unimaginable goals.

If you want to homeschool your children, would you want to do it yourself with the help of experts carefully selected by you?

To have the time and the luxury to do that, you need either to have enough money (stable cash flow that guarantees you the time needed to participate in your child’s  education), or a business model that allows you to spend time with your child and to take them on business trips.

Think Ben Greenfield’s business model. Ben’s fitness coaching model allows him to promote natural health and encourages his twin boys to freely move around (he lives in a rural area) and to learn by inquiry.

If you want to travel the world or spend more time with your family, you will leverage these two reasons to find means to do that.

Why You Have To Be Grateful For What You Have

Gratitude gives you the opportunity to appreciate what you already have.

I know from experience that when I am grateful for what I already have I feel an influx of positive energy and a burning desire to succeed and achieve more.

When you feel like complaining about a thing that is out of your control, turn in the gratitude switch. Gratitude will pull you out of the negativity rut and will give you an opportunity to concentrate on positives.

Regardless of where you live, you can find a tone of things to be grateful for: running water and the sewer system, the Internet, delicious and nutritious food, abundant sunlight.

Take the opportunity to be grateful for what you have to return yourself in a positive state of focused flow.

The desire to succeed can be fueled by physically feeling and looking good. That is why you must to take care of yourself and your health to succeed.

You also must groom and dress elegantly every day. Along with good health habits, elegant clothes and cleanliness will give you a boost of energy and raise your confidence in your abilities to succeed.

Therefore, gratitude stimulates positive energy, attitude, and overall  confidence in your abilities. It helps you project a positive image in relationships and take a leadership position in business.

Working hard is not enough. You must leverage you why to focus and to find ways to achieve your goal. Only then your perseverance will pay off.

Until next time,

-Tatiana Hart.

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