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How I Paid  $35,000 Off in Debt in 12 Months

I paid off $35,000 in debt in 12 months.

How did I do it?

Simple. I changed my mind. I finally figured out what money was.

Money is an illusion. It does give you freedom but only when you understand what freedom is and what matters most in life. It is my life and my personal freedom.

So how do you pay off debt without sacrificing health and good life?

In order to commit to a plan you must have determination. When you are determined to achieve a goal, you will prioritize toward this goal regardless of the obstacles. [Read more…]

Financial Freedom 101 For Feminine Women

I always take responsibility for my actions. I am humble enough to admit my mistakes and move on. Only when I admit that I was wrong I can correct it and not repeat it over. Once I pledged to take responsibility for my own life,  I began to manifest things  that appeared to be impossible to attain. I watched my success and solidified the first principle of financial freedom

Always Take Responsibility For Your Success

Everyone without exception must practice self-responsibility and self-reliance. Traditionally, women take care of the home and the family, men provide food and money for the family. [Read more…]

Go Against the Grain

How many times what they tell you has worked the way they say it would? None.

I looked around and observed those who do what they are told. They get inferior outcomes and then complain how unlucky they are. Duh… You followed their advice, who’s to blame now…

I started doing the opposite from what the mainstream sells. I noticed excellent results.

I know from experience that doing what works requires courage because it goes against what everyone else does. But I am not everyone else. I see what they have and that is not what I want.  [Read more…]

The 12 Best Christmas Gifts for Feminine Women

I love Christmas. My love for the holiday stems from my affection for light, especially natural light.

Christmas falls on the day when the night begins to shrink and the day starts to grow. Christmas brings us light by marking nature’s  wizardry to make longer days and shorter nights.

I never liked gifts as an adult. Gift givers tend to use their judgement to select gifts never asking the recipient about what they exactly want. [Read more…]

How To Bend Reality to Succeed in 2019


Hello, friends. I am so excited about positive changes in the air for 2019. These changes start with us first. We must understand reality in order to thrive and to succeed.

Since I began to see things for what they are, my life had drastically changed for the better. I had to bend augmented reality, to peel away forged layers obscuring the truth in order to get to what is important in this life. It was totally worth it.

The world has gone insane. Abnormal is presented as the new norm. Disease and degeneration have replaced health and vitality. Ugly became beautiful. Feminine became vulgar. True masculinity has been ostracized.

Education subverted knowledge to rob us of common sense and intuition. Synthetic factory made “foods” disguised under the mask of convenience replaced true nourishment that nature already provides for us. [Read More…]

How a Feminine Girl Can Become Financially Free

What is Femininity?

A feminine girl reflects the yin qualities of a whole: quiet, slow, soft, light (not forceful, non-aggressive), nurturing. She lies in opposition of masculinity: opinionated and  loud, forceful, fast, passionate.  Feminine balances out masculine.

Quiet embodies intelligence, slow denotes reflection, light defines calculated action, nurturing provides care and empathy toward others. [Read more…]

How You Can Become Free Permanently

Everything is a choice. Freedom is not an exception.

You have to free your mind before you can become financially free. You have to acquire a mindset that provides a set of skills and builds an environment that allows you not to work for money and have an abundant lifestyle.

Financial freedom does not free you from obligations to yourself and from work. It only frees you from mandatory work for money. It requires discipline and integrity. [Read more…]

Why You Should Buy the Freedom to Homeschool Your Child

Why You Should Homeschool Your Child

The only two people who care about your child’s personal growth are you and your spouse. To think that another person would care about education of your child more than you do would be ungrounded hopes. People are always concerned with themselves and their growth.

If you truly want your child to be successful and to give them the tools to create a great future, you have to take his education in your hands. [Read more…]

7 Reasons to Stay Out of Debt

You should stay out of debt no matter what. No excuses. If you want to create wealth, stay stress free and happy, never borrow money. Live below your means. I know, I know but Robert Kiyosaki says that there is “good” and “bad” debt. That currency is created from debt. Listen, all living below your means denotes is that you should make more than you spend. That’s all. If you want more, make more and spend less. But why? Here is why.[Read more…]

Live Where You Are Treated Best

An Intentional Nomad

You deserve to live in a place where you are treated best  Some seek a new safe haven for economic reasons, others want a higher quality of life such as a natural environment, beach, ocean, wholesome organic food, clean air and nourishing water.

I will address both aspects because they determine my next safe haven to different degrees. Worth noting, that I love travel and I adapt well to new environments. A nomadic lifestyle provides adventure, new relationships, personal and professional growth. In the process I enjoy the trip as much as the destination: after all,  change and associated challenges promote individual growth. [Read more…]

Your Money or Your Life

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive,

and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Is money a ransom for our time and energy? Do we make a living or do we make a dying and losing ourselves in the pursuit for more money, status, peer approval?

I have do not gain experience from reading a book or listening to someone. On the contrary, a lot of times I read books because I have acquired a philosophy and have made choices based on my life experiences. Do you find it true? I actually get drawn to books that share my philosophy.

I truly believe that money should be assessed by the true amount of  time and energy we expand to earn the X amount of money on an hourly basis. [Read more…]

Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Spending Money Should Bring Peace and Joy

What makes you happier a week at the beach or another pair of shoes?  I personally say both. Both make me happy – we do need shoes and the environment of the beach makes me feel outstanding. However, a lot of women tend to “invest” in shoes as if shoes were real estate. No, shoes neither equal real estate nor a good investment. Despite I appreciate elegant design and comfort, shoes are merely utility.

Humor aside, by saying happier I implied a deep sense of peace and joy. Therefore, for me a trip to the beach constitutes  a truly enjoyable experience, therefore, more valuable than another pair of shoes. It has been this way since I was five. Spending money should give you peace and joy, not anxiety and worry.

I truly appreciate travel and the ways it expanded my world view and enriched with new friends and relationships. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Side Hustle: How to Stay Agile on the Way to Financial Freedom

Side hustle, or hustle in general, enables me to focus on my true goal: I must become financially freeeeee. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. So I test my limits by deploying a range of design skills i acquired through my short career and apply them in side projects and gigs I find.. My creativity shines when I do graphic design, or marketing campaigns, or perform virtual assistant duties. I think fast on my feet and extract the necessary information fast for an unfamiliar task because I must succeed. [Read more…]

A Path to Financial Independence: From Broke to Financially Free

Over the Cyclades

Never Talk to Strangers

One sunlit afternoon in Mykonos I encountered an inevitable question: “Can I ever amass enough money to make it work for me for the rest of my life so I have the luxury of working whenever I want, wherever I want?” I did not actually encounter the question: it was invoked by a stranger sitting next to me poolside. The quiet afternoon by the pool in the pleasant spring sun was over. [Read more…]