Financial Freedom 101 For Feminine Women

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I always take responsibility for my actions. I am humble enough to admit my mistakes and move on. Only when I admit that I was wrong I can correct an omission and internalize this analysis not to repeat it over and over.

Once I pledged to take responsibility for my own life,  I began to manifest things  that appeared to be impossible to attain. I watched my success and solidified the first principle of financial freedom

Always Take Responsibility For Your Success

Everyone without exception must practice self-responsibility and self-reliance. Traditionally, women take care of the home and the family, men provide food and money for the family….

I do not reject  women’s traditional roles. The paradox arises from the truth that everyone is responsible for oneself. I am talking about men and women. Women must understand how to take care of themselves and their children when a man changes his original intention of being the leader of the pack

Thus, I derive Principle Two from my previous statement:

Take Care of Yourself First

You are kidding yourself if you think you can become successful without excellent health and mental clarity. You feel good, you look good (not vice versa).

You cannot help others or create value without taking care of yourself. Remember, put a breathing mask first on yourself then proceed to help others. This perfectly applies to all life situation: by taking care of yourself first you stay calm and collected in any complex situation and solve it fast.

When I started my journey to financial independence I was deeply in debt. Out of desperation I followed Dave’s advice “beans and rice, rice and beans” for a week and discarded it. Dave Ramsey made a fortune not by paying of his debt and cutting up his credit cards. He made a fortune by selling books about how to stay out of debt and avoid credit cards. Many naive people ignore the latter and follow his wealth advice.

Not All Debt is Equal

Despite I agree that debt is slavery, I choose to stay out of it not by eating an awful toxic diet of beans and rice. Honestly, I cannot swallow beans – I never ate them and never liked them. Furthermore, improperly cooked, beans render themselves toxic and can poison you. I knew it and modified his diet advice to a very small quantity of food of fish and vegetables in the beginning of my financial freedom journey. It did not work.

Moreover, wealthy people use leverage to advance their businesses and create wealth. In fact, most of the time they use other people’s money to buy assets and build wealth . The cashflow from the assets cover the loans and leaves them excess money to accumulate and further re-invest.

You Cannot Save Your Way to Wealth

You cannot save your way to wealth. That’s right. Instead, you must make more money and figure out your expenses differently. I began to eat high quality food and increased nutritional density and biological availability by eating raw.

As a result, I became agile and mentally sharp. I gave coffee and tea but was able to perform to the highest of my potential. My sleep improved. I got rid of my alarm clock and began waking up without it.

Furthermore, I increased my income and paid off a ton of debt fast.

This strategy led to me pay off $35,000 of debt in twelve months. I will share how I achieved it  in a separate article.

The lesson I learned form the experience that:

You should never sacrifice yourself beyond repair

You can only fix things when you are well and vibrant. From a financial standpoint, it is always a lot more costly to correct problems especially, health related, than to prevent them.

Have an Emergency Fund

You want to pay off debt as fast as possible but on one condition:

Do not sacrifice all your cash to eliminate all your debt at once

You have to understand how compounding works and how interest works to optimize the pay out process. You can actually cheat by making extra payments toward the principal that reduces the amount of interest you pay over the course of the life of the loan. This does not apply to credit cards. I actually never had credit card debt. You do want to pay off credit card as soon as possible and never to use them as a free source of money.

I do have and use credit cards but never overextend myself by charging to them more than I can afford. I purely use them for rewards and discounts, not as an extra source of money which they are not.

You want to have a cash stash or some liquid assets for an emergency before you aggressively pay off your debt. The amount is determined by a month worth of living expenses.

When you are out of debt, use Principle Four:

Invest in Yourself

The best investment you can make is to invest into a profitable business that provides cash flow. The business should be predicated on your strength and superb skills. Investing in yourself presents the best opportunity for success, building wealth, and financial freedom.

Use Your Intuition to Make Money

I am not telling you to follow your heart. No, no, no. Never “follow your heart” in a conventional sense. Do what you love? No, no, no, not at all. That is not what I mean by use your intuition to make money. You need to love what you do indeed but it is the opposite of following your heart. You need to create value. To do that you must follow others’ desires. You must understand what they want, not you.

Always use your intuition to make money: it keeps you in touch with reality. Follow your heart disconnects from reality. Intuition leads you through obstacles safely and enables you to find new business opportunities and meet like-minded people.

Trust Yourself

Mediation for the sake of meditation as a daily ritual wastes time. You do not need to sit with closed eyes with crossed legs on the floor every morning. However, you do need to make time to think to yourself and get grounded to turn your intuition on.

Business opportunities do not come when you sit on the floor with crossed legs. They do come when you are present all the time and seize the right moment. Now is the only time. Furthermore, we always move from now to now. Give the present all your undivided attention and you will create astounding wealth.

Until next time,

Tatiana Hart


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