The Why

You can not spend enough hours working to become financially free. In fact, I figured it out the hard way. Therefore, I would like to share my journey to financial freedom and make it easier for you. I hope it saves you the valuable time on the quest for amplifying your life experiences on this planet.

The secret to financial freedom and wealth is below:

Let money work for you

It is simple because truth is always simple.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to work for money?

What would it be like to make work a choice without sacrificing your lifestyle? 

Of course, if you are one of those lucky people who actually have reached that, you may not want not to follow my journey to financial freedom.

To me financial freedom denotes an ability to work whenever I want wherever I want on meaningful to me projects without worrying about money.

My Philosophy

The capacity of money to work for us enabled me to attain financial freedom.  Since money can be replenished, I spend it to buy time.

Therefore, I have tasked myself with finding ways in which I can make money work for me so I can buy the freedom to spend more time with my family, to work on meaningful projects, to travel  the world, and to have peace.

I believe that financial freedom takes discipline, courage, and focus. I tested mine in the process.

You know how they say that courage does not denote the absence of fear. Courage lies in the ability to admit that you are afraid and to take action anyway.

Despite I feared that I did not exactly know how I could become financially free, I took the first step toward the goal.

I started when I realized that my net worth added up to a negative value. To be exact, my net worth was $40,000. How did I get there? I did not have credit card debt, but I had a $65,000  balance in student debt from getting a professional degree.

It felt like a trap. By a professional degree I refer to a degree that requires a license to practice. There are four professions: medical doctors, lawyers, architects, and engineers. I aspired to become one of the former. However, to my chagrin, I noticed that becoming a professional requires more unnecessary fess such as licensing, continuing education, and association fees. Furthermore, the profession required enormous time dedication. I had to create time to stay on the right track.

I started this site to make sense of money and wealth building and it led me to amazing encounters. I had to change my mindset to create a positive cash flow and flip my net worth the right side up. I learned a lot in the process and would like to share it with you.

Join my journey. I will unfold infinite ways how you can make money work for you and how you can achieve financial freedom.