How a Feminine Girl Can Become Financially Free

Tatiana Hart/ December 1, 2018/ FINANCIAL FREEDOM, MINDSET/ 0 comments

What is Femininity?

A feminine girl reflects the yin qualities of a whole: quiet, slow, soft, light (not forceful, non-aggressive), nurturing. She lies in opposition of masculinity: opinionated and  loud, forceful, fast, passionate.  Feminine balances out masculine.

Quiet embodies intelligence, slow denotes reflection, light defines calculated action, nurturing provides care and empathy toward others.

I was listening today to a self-proclaimed Alpha male. Daryush V, who advocated suppression of business opportunities for women to ensure he can find a good traditional wife. His interpretation of traditional (feminine) included submissive, non-argumentative, and malleable to his any desire.

He suggested that women should not have a choice to make money and men would take care of them in exchange for raising children and taking care of them and the house.

He was bashing feminism and emancipation for forcing women to spend their best fertile years in the workforce. I do not need to be emancipated because I do not feel oppressed.

I always think for myself and steer clear from ideology.

I despise labels in general. I find social warriors ridiculous who waste their time on sorting  people in groups and categories and trying to figure political correctness.

I believe in nature and  cannot stand artificial social constructs. The traditional girl, the good wife, construct awfully resembles the other side of the ideologically biased coin.

I do believe we are not equal: we all have diverse skills and abilities and deserve different things commensurate with other skills and work ethics. However, saying that a woman must surrender responsibility for her life and entrust her life to a man appears to be ideologically biased. In a real world, men change their mind and dedicating life to a man and sacrificing yourself will be an unforgivable ommission on her part.

Can a Feminine Girl Fully Rely on a Man for Financial Support?

No, she can’t. The truth lies in the paradox that a man only is attracted to a woman when she can hold her own and stand on her own. Therefore, by giving your financial independence from your partner and completely relying on his financial support leaves you in the mercy of his fickle mind.

First of all, you need to respect your partner. However, he has to give you the same amount of respect back.

I always practice self responsibility for my actions. I know that cannot hold anyone else accountable for my happiness, peace, and financial success. Therefore, you should do the same to guarantee yourself a great future.

Be responsible for you own actions and treat others with respect. You cannot be responsible for others. Except you little children but only while they are little.  That is why relying on someone else, including your partner or husband would be unnatural and irrational.

How Do You Reach Financial Freedom?

In reality, to become financially free you must free your mind first. You must become emotionally intelligent and morally superior to buy yourself freedom.

Practically, you have to assume financial responsibility for yourself in a relationship. I always offer to pay for my half of the meal. However, I accept when my date wants to pay for it. You always have a choice and you should give your partner a choice as well.

You owe to yourself to take the responsibility for your financial future. When you have the luxury not to work for money, you can hold your own, can have a mission in life, and inspire others. None of that makes you less feminine. Your intelligence, slow and steady perseverance and softness have led you to freeing your mind and to becoming successful. You have not lost your empathy toward others and the ability to nurture. That makes you irresistibly attractive to your partner.

To our feminine selves.

-Tatiana Hart

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