How I Heal Myself By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Tatiana Hart/ November 28, 2018/ LIFESTYLE/ 0 comments

I actually do heal myself by not doing anything.

My favorite two methods for healing virtually anything are absolutely free.

They are:

Intermittent fasting


I actually cured allergies, headaches, fevers, nausea, breakouts by doing absolutely nothing. That’s correct.  I do not generally get headaches thus when one is impending I fast and get enough sleep.

Nature Knows Better

You do not have do anything for many ailments. You do need to follow diets, drugs, advanced procedures, or doctors. Have you seen a doctor heal anyone? I don’t think so.

Do you know the reason doctors do not heal?  They do not know the cause of disease.  They address symptoms but never can take you all the way to the true  reason you caught a cold.

That is why I prefer to listen to nature. Nature heals without drugs or extravagant treatments – she just needs time.

It is always best to rest and fast against fever Do not take anything over the counter or by prescription to subvert it. Fever is a just a natural mechanism of a well-working  immune system.

Intermittent Fasting

I fast daily. I do not snack. I have two meals a day every day which are 6 or 8 hours apart. I typically do not drink or eat outside of  the 6 hour and 8 hour windows.

The main benefit of intermittent fasting is not weight loss. Intermittent fasting promotes cell turnover. When you stop eating, you give the organism a break and the time to purge inactive old cells.

People observe clean smooth skin after practicing fasting for a certain period. You do need topical solutions to clear acne, you just need to literally stop eating.  Intermittent fasting speeds up your body renewal and you skin clears up on its own.

Good Night Sleep

I cured severe allergies I  had several years ago by fasting and sleeping 9 hours a night. They never came back.  i had itchy, watery eyes and nasal congestion but doctors could not find anything better than the catch all hay fever and Benadryl.

But allergies persisted until I went back to fasting and sleeping 9-hours a night.

The secret to healing sleep lies in our need to do it at night. You cannot work a graveyard shift from 6pm to 6am and then sleep 9 hours and expect the same results as those of night sleep.

We always suffer when we demand instant gratification. It never rewards in the long run. Patience and consistency do.

The next time you sneeze, consider ditching your antihistamines and fast for 7 days. Eat at the same time twice a day 8 hours apart. After 7 days you will be pleasantly surprised because you did not just get rid of the symptoms. You got rid of the allergies completely.

Sweet dreams,

Tatiana Hart

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