Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

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Spending Money Should Bring Peace and Joy

What makes you happier a week at the beach or another pair of shoes?

I personally say both. Both make me happy – we do need shoes and the environment of the beach makes me feel outstanding.

However, a lot of women tend to “invest” in shoes as if shoes were real estate. No, shoes neither equal real estate nor a good investment. Despite I appreciate elegant design and comfort, shoes are merely utility.

Humor aside, by saying happier I implied a deep sense of peace and joy.

Therefore, for me a trip to the beach constitutes  a truly enjoyable experience, therefore, more valuable than another pair of shoes. It has been this way since I was five. Spending money should give you peace and joy, not anxiety and worry.

I truly appreciate travel and the ways it expanded my world view and enriched me with new friends and amazing relationships.

We Seek Novelty and Change by Way of Experiences

Researchers have proven wrong their initial assumption that things will make us happy because they last longer then experiences.

The  psychological phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation illustrates our desire for change and novelty.

Essentially, creating experiences will make our money worthwhile and will bring long-lasting joy.

Since our values differ, we probably prefer different types of experiences.

Nevertheless, some common ones  we share may be travel, meeting new people, trying new foods.

I personally have a weakness for fresh seafood and superb caviar mainly because of the impeccable nutritional profile and a range tastes you can receive in various combinations.

Yuzu Scallops

Experiencing Nature

We feel instantly recharged and well in natural environments because nature sustains our health and makes us feel good.

If you live near a beach or a lake where nature is closer to pristine, you do not have to spend money to enjoy your natural surrounding.

I feel clarity and energy when I spend time at the beach due to a naturally perfect combination of sun, water, clean air, pristine sand.

I can recharge fast with minimal amounts of food. I live in New York City and feel the stark contrast between the urban environment and pristine nature.

My simple pleasure of watching waves break took me to several islands such as Sardinia, Santorini, and Mykonos.

They say it is possible to replicate the sound of the sea by placing the opening of a seashell next to your ear but i prefer the real experience (I still occasionally do the seashell thing though when I do not have access to the real thing).

Travel Gives Freedom and Challenges You

Costa Smeralda (The Emerald Coast), Sardinia

I cannot deny I love change. I have relocated numerous times with family and on my own to advance my career.

I am not afraid of new places, crazy driving (although I am a great driver, or so I’ve been told), new food, and new people. Living in different places and traveling enabled me to learn languages and to make friends.

I improved my Italian in Sardinia, learned how to eat aloe (which I still do), figured out from my own experience that stepping on a sea urchin leads to painful outcomes.

Sea urchins happen to release black spikes as a defense mechanism and leave them in attacker’s limbs unless the attacker is smart enough to relax muscles. I did not know that ta the time but I became smarter as a result of the experience.


San Panteleo, Sardinia

Your possessions do not define you, you experiences do.

You will notice change and personal growth within you after you travel a lot and interact with people that differ from you a lot.

Such encounters open up your mind, make you more flexible in your decisions, and help you clearly see what you want.

That trait in turn enables you to succeed in whatever mission you decide to undertake next.

Until next time.

-Tatiana Hart

Hotel Hermes, Mykonos

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