The Elite Diet: How I Eat for Beauty, Health, and Energy

Tatiana Hart/ November 22, 2018/ LIFESTYLE/ 0 comments

Clear Mind and Flexible Body

I eat to have energy and to be flexible. I make my food choices based on how I feel after eating them.

I am extremely flexible. I move fast and easily avoid collisions. It works really well in an overpopulated city such as New York. The secret to my flexibility and fast reactions lies in my eating habits.

I grew up eating seasonally and practice that daily. I do not have a problem eating berries and fruits in season in small quantities. Although, I love black cherries for the deep sophisticated flavor.

Also,  my love for cherries has something to do with the fact that I grew up around cherry trees and I am used to picking cherries off the tree.

Otherwise, I do not consume fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts.

Furthermore, I experienced such weird side effects from eating anything you can find at Whole Foods all year around that I had to experiment and deduce on my own what may have lead to those side effects.

As we know, Whole Foods sells mangoes and bananas in New York City 365 days a year although it is hard to find them grow here during the hottest months.

Back to my childhood eating habits. During light deficient cold months, bacon and eggs were always the staples of my diet. They satiate me fast and keep me energized long.

The Vegan Argument

Vegetables are healthy. They are full of nutrients and minerals.

Can we absorb them though? Can we easily digest vegetables, fruits, and plants?

We mostly cannot. We have to  thermally process, sprout, or ferment them to make them palatable to our gut.

I have several friends who ate for several years raw vegetables, although fermented and sprouted. The main outcome of the experiment was poor teeth. For some bizarre reason they lost most of the dentin (the soft tissue that keeps teeth pearly white).

On the other hand, I grew up hearing from my parents that vegetables had to be taken with saturated fat  for minerals and nutrients to be rendered absorbable. Therefore, I followed the principle throughout my life and never gave up grass fed butter.

Needless to say, my teeth retained their whiteness and I am often asked what I use to whiten my teeth, I almost instantly want to reply “Butter!” but hold myself back and instead I say that I do not bleach my teeth.

I do not know whether the consumption of saturated fats cause good bone health or it is correlated with it by way of other factors. What I do know that eating plants and grains exclusively lead to serious mineral and nutrient deficiencies.

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization removes bacteria and denatures molecular protein structure by way of exposing food to high temperatures. Denatured proteins render virtually indigestible to us and impede nutrient absorption.

Furthermore, high temperatures destroy enzymes that help digest foods. With age people lose natural enzymes created by the pancreas.

When we eat cooked foods and we do not have own enzymes to digest them, guess what happens.

As a result of eating cooked food. digestive problems occur a lot faster when indigenous enzymes are unavailable.

The big one is pancreatic cancer that is caused by a lack of digestive enzymes and a prolonged exposure to cooked foods under this condition.

How to Eat Raw


Digestive problems have been reversed by eating raw fresh foods such as raw milk, raw eggs, raw fish (sashimi), caviar, meat (think carpaccio).

Carol Alt, the first female model, credits her vibrant youth and beauty at 57 to the raw food diet. By eating raw she defied her digestive issues and preserved her gorgeous appearance.

I love raw and minimally processed fresh food because it sustains my vitality and beauty.

My favorite desert below is buffalo raw milk mozzarella with shaved grass fed butter and salmon roe.

Lastly, I bless my food before eating. I know, I know it has a bit of woo-woo flavor but most indigenous people do it because it connects them with food since the food will shortly assimilate with their body. You may as well be respectful and thankful for what gives you life force.

Have a Happy and Abundant Thanksgiving!

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