Uncooking: Why I Eat Raw

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Why I Eat Raw

My exposure to beef tartare started when I was four. Ordinarily, I was helping my grandma cook. Or so I thought. Grandmother was making hamburgers. I was always by her side through the entire process

However, in my humble opinion  the first two ingredients with some ground black pepper created a perfect dish. That is why when a mixture of ground beef and raw egg yolks was created and Grandma turned away or went to get more ingredients for the hamburgers, I treated myself to the steak tartare. I had no idea the dish existed at the time, nor did I care. Intuitively, I found the mixture of raw beef and raw egg yolks extremely nourishing and satisfying.

Eaten across cultures, steak tartare provide nutrients required by our body. These days I returned to my old childhood habit. I see amazing improvements in my health and mental focus.

Also, my sister and I developed raw cheese sandwiches. The only reason we call them sandwiches because they have layers. We do not use bread in the cheese sandwich. All right, if you find a better name for it, let us know. Anyway, our culinary masterpiece is absolutely delicious.

We have two slices of raw cheese and an eighth of an inch thick layer of raw butter between them. Raw butter assimilates a lot more effectively than pasteurized butter. However, if you cannot find raw butter, pasteurized butter is still better than vegetable and seed oils.

Why You Should Eat Raw

Raw is the only true state of nutrient dense eating. Cooking destroys enzymes helping us digest food and creates toxic chemicals. Acrylamide is a toxic byproduct of thermal processing  and pasteurization. Canned pasteurized foods such as olives, fried foods such as french fries and many processed foods such as bread and cereal contain acrylamide that causes cellular damage.

Raw foods digest well. Animal foods digest completely, thus, they are the foundation of my meals. I eat 90% raw animal foods and only 10% of fruits and herbs. Since the reason we eat is to nourish the body and rebuild it, eating food that assimilates 100% makes complete sense.

Raw butter lubricates your body naturally. My skin used to feel drier in the winter since I live in a temperate climate and sun exposure in the winter is extremely limited. Using the formula below, I completely eliminated the problem. It works a lot better than a topical application of raw honey alone.

Skin Hydrating Formula

If you want your skin to be perfectly moisturized, I want to reveal my secret formula I discovered reading The Primal Diet: We Want to Live.

Contrary to popular belief, saturated fats hydrate the skin, water does not.

You hear a lot ‘Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water’. Eight glasses a day. The truth is water dissolves nutrients and dries out the body inside and out. The more you drink, the more you feel dehydrated. It is intimidating to hear time and time again ‘Use common sense’  when what you are advised is not very sensible. If the piece of advice does not work, do not distrust yourself. Follow your gut and find the best solution, for you.

I have well balanced skin and never have to use moisturizers. However, I noticed that in the winter it gots dryer. Coconut, avocado, olive oils create an external buffer but do not seem to penetrate and to nourish the skin. I just learned that olive oil and avocado oil taken internally are not designed to moisturize. They detoxify but not nourish and replenish moisture. Raw butter does.

Try eating the concoction below. It is best to consume it after a steak tartare or a ceviche meal. Also, it is amazingly delicious:

Raw Butter – 3 tablespoons

Raw Egg – 1 large

Lemon – juice from a quarter of the fruit

Raw Honey – 1 tablespoon

The secret to the magic of this mixture is raw bioactive ingredients.

Raw honey has distinctive ‘ solid consistency because it was not heated or pasteurized (heating at high temperatures that results in boiling of a liquid). When raw honey is heated it becomes liquid. You want to go with raw unheated honey. It is the only type that contains all the nutrients and will not spike your blood sugar. Often blood sugar spikes lead to insulin resistance which constitutes diabetes. Raw honey is food, pasteurized is processed sugar.

I pursue the most effective ways to achieve a goal. The hydrating formula is a great example of achieving great results fast and effective. Think about it. Even if you apply creams and oils on the skin they only partially alleviate the problem but do not resolve it completely. Besides, most of it will get transfer to your bed sheets or a sleep mask, I alway sleep in a sleep mask and topical moisturizers do not work well for me.

Raw Hair Formula

Healthy hair signifies overall good health. Feminine women take pride in well-kept hair. The secret to strong shiny hair is egg yolks. Make a mix of four egg yolks and apply to clean wet hair. Wrap with plastic and a towel and leave it for an hour. Rinse thoroughly with water. The reason you want to strain the yolks for the whites you will end up with congealed whites unless you rinse the hair with cold water. Whites coagulate at lower temperatures than egg yolks primarily because the yolk contains mostly cholesterol (saturated fat). Saturated fat does not congeal.

Thus, you need a lot higher temperature to cook the yolk into a solid. Most importantly, you won’t be able to handle that temperature of water in the shower.

To strengthen hair, it is important to consume raw eggs. I prefer duck eggs, they are very easy to swallow and they give an instant boost of energy. Do not blend the egg before consuming. It will oxidize immediately and you will lose nutrients.

The amazing thing is that you see results instantly. Once the hair dries out, it looks nourished and has a healthy shine.

To prevent the egg from oxidizing it needs to be blended with raw butter or raw cream. The hydrating formula has raw butter that conserves nutrients in the egg and does not let it oxidize prematurely. I prefer to eat raw eggs alone for beautiful hair.

Why Raw Food Works

Raw food especially animal foods is nutrient dense and easily digestible. Raw food contains enzymes that help us digest nutrients. Therefore, it takes the burden from the pancreas and stabilizes insulin production. On the other hand, cooked food does not have digestive enzymes and a lot less nutrients than live foods.

Raw meat and fish regenerate cells and renew brain tissue. That is why raw meat accelerates healing.

When you eat raw you want to ensure food quality and freshness. I buy from small farms that practice organic farming, treat animals humanely and pasture raise them.

You want to avoid chemicals and antibiotics that toxic to our cells. You want bacteria because they provide us with digestible nutrients. Without them we would be unable to clean and repair our bodies.

Enjoy real food and please share your experiences.

Until next time,

Tatiana Hart.

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