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To become financially free I had to choose myself. What does it mean?

You must figure out what your life is for. Do you sell your time for money? Do you like the trade off?

Be brutally honest – you will not find your way out otherwise. You will lose yourself and will never get the life you want.

An Investment Strategy

You work a job and “invest” your money in the stock market hoping it grows so you can retire with an umbrella drink poolside. Have you ever asked what a stock market is? If you do, you will be deeply disappointed with your seemingly bulletproof secure retirement strategy

I know, I know, everyone else around you has been doing it and everyone cannot be wrong, can they? Well you just never bothered to use logic and evaluate your retirement strategy. They tell you that historically the stock market always go up. So you never bothered to question. So how does the stock market work?

You have a number of stocks offered at a nominal value of $2 a share. It is a great deal. You can buy a ton of shares and hold. But what are you holding them for? You are hoping to get a higher price for the share so your investment multiplies. How does the price increase? Through increased demand, in simple language, you hope that other idiots have the same hope of growing money by not moving their finger and get seduced by “free money” and buy more shares. The price increases as more participants join.

So here is your retirement strategy logic, in a nutshell: you gamble your retiremetn  that someone agrees to give you their money for doing….nothing. Well, it seems to work all right while the public is blindside by an obscure value proposition.

Take Control

So how does the stock market scope relate to being selfish and choosing yourself? Here is how. Since you have no control over the stock market and you have everything you have in it,  you cannot take a market downturn lightly. You will waste your time and energy worrying about the vagaries of financial instability. Your worries and the lack of control over your investments will impede your performance and preclude you from building wealth.

You do your best work when you are inspired and relaxed. Possibilities come your way when you are open to them. those possibilities give you control of your life and enable to build financial freedom.

When I enjoy my work and life and detached from the outcome, i manifest money, relationships, amazing encounters. I look down and find a €100 bill when I stroll through winding streets in an old village in Sardinia.

Solutions to the so-called problems flow my way when I am inspired, focused, and detached from the outcome of my venture. In other words, I become successful when I enjoy my life. I do my best work when I am present and focused on my task. As a result, I deeply enjoy what I do.

The Main Choose Yourself Principle

Stop Following the Herd

Does the majority of people look like they are winning? Will buying lottery tickets and “investing” stocks make you wealthy? Does eating 5 serving fruits and vegetables a day make you healthy? No, no, and no.

The reason the above three fail comes from the herd mentality and following the so-called authority who often times do not even test their advice.

You Must Become a Contrarian

The herd will despise and envy you but they will never dare to think for themselves and to achieve what you have. Well, most of them won’t. You may have thought at some point that doing what everyone does is the best winning strategies until someone compelled you to change your mind.

Health, Youth, and Mindset

Your mindset affects the way you look and feel. Stop criticizing yourself and accept what you have done. Regret wastes time. You do want to grow. So how to succeed without looking back. Analyze your mistakes, stop them from happening and move on. It is harmful to live in the future because you miss the only moment that exists – now. Also, it is dangerous to live in the past because you make yourself relive things that no longer exist.

You must try and figure out what diet and exercise work for you.

That is why you test everything you hear and discard what does not work for you. What works for me is nutritiously dense food, sunlight and the proximity to the beach. For each hour spend on the computer, I spend 10 minutes outside under the sun. Sunlight helps me mitigate the negative effects of non-native EMF.  It improves my mitochondrial function and gives me health and glow.

Wealth Building

Do you know a lot of wealthy people? Excellent. Spend as much time as possible around them. Read their work and listen to them as much as you can. Take their advice to heart. After all, you want to achieve what they have achieved. Therefore, you can gain from their expertise a lot in building your own wealth.

You have to respect yourself and your time to build wealth. Your expenses are as important as your income. If you can get a comparable lifestyle (or even better) at a lower price do it.

I am talking about the cost of living. Especially, if you are an entrepreneur, learn to become unbound by a specific location. This way you can move your business with you where you are treated best.

Florida does not have state income tax that will improve my life tremendously. Therefore, it makes sense to me to change my location and move there in a few months. Furthermore, I love sunshine and the beach. Thus my lifestyle will get tremendously upgraded with little effort.

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