The 12 Best Christmas Gifts for Feminine Women

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I love Christmas. My love for the holiday stems from my affection for natural light.

Christmas falls on the day when the night begins to shrink and the day starts to grow. Christmas brings us light by marking nature’s  wizardry to make longer days and shorter nights.

I never liked gifts as an adult. Gift givers tend to use their judgement to select gifts never asking the recipient about what they exactly want.

As a child, on the other hand, I always received what I wanted. Do you know why?

My parents always listened to what I asked for. Maybe, the synchronicity occurred due to the fact that I always announced what i wanted loud and clear.

Maybe, it happened because my parents knew the secret of gift giving: we never make gifts to please ourselves.

I personally prefer experiential and very practical gifts. So, here they are.

Gifts for Productivity & Travel

MacBook Pro

A feminine woman appreciates the MacBook Pro for its, utility, durability, and power.

Its slim design will allow her to change work spaces effortlessly from home to a coffee shop, to an airport lounge, or perhaps the beach. Despite my appreciation for the laptop versatility and portability, I will never take it to the beach or any any other place in nature because the time at the beach should be used to restore and to develop new ideas away from the computer. You may notice that natural environments give us energy and inspiration.

A Light Wired Keyboard & a Wired Mouse

I touch the laptop integrated keyboard as little as possible to avoid the intensity of the non-native electro-magnetic field. I always use a portable wired keyboard instead. A wireless keyboard works similarly to Wi-Fi and amplifies non-native electromagnetic frequencies. This defeats the purpose of using a remote keyboard. My choice is a light aluminum wired keyboard from Apple.

Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard

Ferrari Leather Slim Brief Case

The most practical bag I have ever owned is the Ferrari men’s slim leather brief case. That’s right, it is men’s. I prefer minimalistic practical design. The Ferrari briefcase conforms to all my requirements. I need something slim but well-built, something that can take my MacBook Pro or a light trench coat when I do not want to carry it around. A feminine woman will appreciate the thoughtful elegant design of the Ferrari brief case.

Ferrari Leather Slim Brief Case, Apple MacBook Pro

Ferrari Leather Slim Brief Case, Apple MacBook Pro


I prefer a barrel chair for many reasons. In fact, I am sitting in one as I am typing this. The barrel chair allows me a range of motion while I am working and I can take a break

Wealth Preservation

Precious Metals

Currencies we use are prone to inflation. Instead of putting all my cash in a savings account, I allocated some of it in precious metals. I prefer silver to gold (although I own both) because silver has a better return on investment ratio.


The purchasing power of the dollar is only $0.04 comparing to 1913. As the purchasing power of the dollar continues to fall, silver and gold provide asset protection against inflation.

Kitchen Gear

Italians say when we pay attention to the quality of ingredients we select for cooking, we will not spend much time cooking. Tried and true. High quality ingredients minimize the preparation and cooking time.

Cold Press Juicer

Fresh pressed juice provides a ton of nutrients. What about eating a whole fruit or vegetable? You do not want to eat a lot of pulp (or fiber) but you do want nutrients. Pulp will only ferment in the gut causing stress to digestion.  Therefore, fresh pressed juice is ideal.

The best juicer that preserves all nutrients slowly masticates fruits and vegetables. Unlike centrifugal juicers that spin at high speeds, the cold press/masticating juicer slowly “chews” (as the name implies) fruits and vegetables and separates the juice from the pulp. You still can use the pulp for cooking. Since I eat raw juice is what I need in the morning and during the day.

Fresh pressed juices and mineral water (I drink Gerolsteiner in glass because of the quality and mineral content) have replaced coffee and tea in my nutritional routine. I gained a lot of energy sustained during the dat because unlike coffee and tea unpasteurized juices are raw and live. they flush toxins and regenerate skin.

I use the Breville Juice Fountain Cold below. Cold implies slow mastication as opposed to centrifugal spinning. It produces highly concentrated juices with extremely dry pulp. Dry pulp indicates the efficiency of the machine.


Breville Cold Press Juicer

Santoku Knife

My favorite kitchen tool I would give and would love to receive is a Santoku knife.

I do a lot cutting and slicing but very few of other operations. I slice meat, fish, lemons, parsley, raw cheeses. I find the Santoku knife very versatile because it gets the above tasks completed with precision.

7″ Sabatier Santoku Knife

White Dinnerware

I use elegant square porcelain dinnerware. It does not distract and let me and my guests enjoy our food.

Sun and Swim Gear

Sun exposure during summer months equals health and mineral absorption. I love the elegance, versatility, and quality of Calzedonia swim wear.

Calzedonia Indonesia Push Up Bikini

I prefer simple and open bikini bottoms and open push up bra from Calzedonia. The bottom I own below

Calzedonia Tie Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

Sleep Gear

Sleep Master Mask

Body Care

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

I stopped using toxic and antibacterial soaps a long time ago. My soap of choice is African Black soap with plant based activated charcoal. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins and detoxifies the skin.

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

Water Flosser

Flossing tape always seemed unnatural to me. I never liked dental floss tapes also because they are coated with chemicals that do not belong in my mouth.

That is why I truly appreciate pressurized or pulsating water (my flosser has both options) that blasts my teeth and gums with just pure water. A water flosser suits me well because I do not believe that dental health depends on brushing and flossing. Dental health originates from nutrients we consume and assimilate. Nutrient consumption is not sufficient without assimilation.

The cordless water flosser comes with a re-chargeable battery and a portable charger.

A Bonus Gifts: Body Nourishment


I do not take vitamins or nutritional supplements. I obtain vitamins, macro and micro nutrients, and minerals from food. My first choice of a nature’s multivitamin supplement is caviar. I love raw unprocessed fish roe for its nutritional density. The difference between an Omega 3 supplement and caviar lies in nutrient biological availability. In caviar all nutrients are easily digestible. In supplements they are package in an unfamiliar form and we cannot assimilate them.

The high content of fat in salmon roe gives me a significant amount energy from a few ounces of the food. Also, I do not need a lot of caviar to be satiated.

Carlsberg Caviar

Magnetic Sleep Pad

I always emphasize the importance of deep restful sleep. Grounding, or, in other words, connecting with the Earth electromagnetic field, eliminates inflammation in the body and enables deep restful sleep. If sleeping on the ground under the open sky is not an option, Magnetico Sleep Pad has been helping me sleep like a baby.

My sister has been an avid follower of Dr. Jack Kruse’s work. She purchased the Magnetico pad from his recommendation because she understood the negative effect of non-native EMF. I noticed the efficacy of the mat when I visited her and got to sleep on the pad. After a 7-hour flight I actually could soundlessly sleep and wake up the following morning not affected by jet lag. Furthermore, at 46, my sister looks like an 18 year old: naturally smooth supple skin, no grey hair, and extreme agility and flexibility. She credits her appearance and health to her lifestyle. I adopted several daily practices from her.

That is why I decided to own the Magnetico Pad and notice a tremendous difference in my sleep quality. Magnetico has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and increases your redox potential (your potential to reduce oxidative damage).

Have a Merry Christmas!

Tatiana Hart



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    1. Hi Veronica, thank you for the great question.

      When I sit down to write I create an outline. I jot down the main idea and create several points that support my argument. Then I further develop each point to complete the argument and support my thesis (the main idea).

      I only write when I know exactly what I want to say and it is significant enough to share.

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