How to Bend Reality to Succeed in 2019

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How to Succeed in this Crazy World in 2019

Hello, friends. I am so excited about positive changes in the air for 2019. These changes start with us first. We must understand reality in order to thrive and to succeed.

Since I began to see things for what they are, my life had drastically changed for the better. I had to bend augmented reality, to peel away forged layers obscuring the truth in order to get to what is important in this life. It was totally worth it.

The world has gone insane. Abnormal is presented as the new norm. Disease and degeneration have replaced health and vitality. Ugly became beautiful. Feminine became vulgar. True masculinity has been ostracized.

Education subverted knowledge to rob us of common sense and intuition. Synthetic factory made “foods” disguised under the mask of convenience replaced true nourishment that nature already provides for us.

Social norms inverted nature leading to human degeneration.

Yet, no one forced it on us – we always have a choice. Those who have chosen false and  man made, submitted themselves to inevitable degeneration and decline. Nature has her own rules. When humans disobey, nature punishes them with negative consequences. Then people wake up and snap back to living nature’s way. The cycle always comes back to its beginning and nature continues to rule:

It was for the best, so Nature had no choice but to do it.

Marcus Aurelius

In order to succeed you must see the world for what it is. You must peel away distorted layers and face reality. You must understand the minds of those who control the world, reverse engineer how they do it, in order to win.

Know the way your mind is manipulated so you can avoid the traps. Know how your body is manipulated by making you believe that something is good for you.

Understand Reality

One hundred percent of the time conventional wisdom is wrong. You can prove it wrong by using hard cold logic. Logic never fails. You are told we are more bacteria than genes (take mitochondria, for example) yet we are told to disinfect everything to avoid disease. That is when hard cold logic resolves the paradox: bacteria do not cause disease,  toxic chemical substances and radiation do. Nature does not make ambiguous constructs such as good or bad, it uses logic and reason.Good and bad are subjective man made constructs. You may have noticed how the definition of good and bad changes depending on who you ask. Nature gave you intuition. Use your intuition to discern what is right for you and discard what does not serve you.

Nature brings the world into equilibrium by using reason. When we disrupt our equilibrium through illogical conclusions and when we succumb to fear and emotions, we become sick and poor.

You Only Can Change You

Learn how the masters manipulate you by obscuring logic and pushing the buttons of you emotion.

Learn to detach from the outcome and control your own emotions in order to win the game. That is how the elite does it to gain control of millions of mind. Sell or be sold.

Masses indulge in self-destruction to avoid the unpleasant pain of critical thinking. I choose enlightenment to thrive.

Then, you must take responsibility for every step you take. That is the only way you can control your life and then succeed.

Learn to Say ‘No’

Many people rather die than think critically and stop doing what harms them.

I was recently offered a piece of cake that contained aluminum sulfate and propylene glycol. I bothered to ask what was in it and was presented with the nutritional panel. So I immediately pointed out that people should not be ingesting antifreeze. My affinity for chemistry since I was 5 keeps me alive on the go. I knew immediately that propylene glycol is used to keep liquid from turning into ice, also known as antifreeze. Having heard my comments, the others offered the cake did not decline “the treat”.

Humans will ruin their own lives blaming fate and bad luck remaining oblivious to the fact that they brought bad luck upon them.

I learned to say ‘No’ even under peer pressure risking to become unpopular.  By doing unpopular things I became healthier, more resilient, built better relationships and achieved success.

Change starts with us.

Concentrate On the Most Important Things

I truly value only three things:




Wealth and relationships cannot be divided into separate categories. You become wealthy through focused work, mindset, and relationships. However, relationships provide business opportunities and through such opportunities you can build true wealth.

Maintain Excellent Shape

Take care of your health first. You cannot help anyone else unless you are in prime shape. When you look and feel good, others will follow your lead.

Eat real food, the less cooked the better. I have been mostly eating raw with an emphasis on animal products for the past year and have noticed amazing changes. Eating raw requires high quality, chemical free food. If you do it right from the start, you will experience impressive benefits of sourcing your food right.

I no longer need to exercise as much to stay in shape and to build muscles. My skin stays well hydrated even in the winter without creams and potions. I do not get sick because my eating habits and hygiene routine allow me to detoxify consistently.

Sleep well. I never sacrifice sleep. Melatonin, the hormone that ensures you can sleep well at night, repairs the body and regenerates cellular tissue while you sleep. Listen to nature and she gives you health at no cost.

Your smartphone is a tool that allows you to connect with others. Do not make it an excuse not to talk to a live person beside you. Do not let it rule your life. Be in control of your habits. Understand detrimental effects of radiation emitted by the cell phone and keep it off as much as possible especially at night. Keeping it off also gives you control of your time and allows to sleep well at night.

Build Wealth

When you have mental clarity and health, you can put all your focus on building your empire. Work with intention and concentrate on the most important task. Remember the 80/20 rule: the 20% of your work brings the best results.

Work on your mindset first, You have to think rich to grow rich. To bring something into a physical world you must conceive it in your mind first.

Eliminate personal debt and follow your intuition to evaluate business opportunities so you can make money and build wealth.

Invest in your own business. Once I understood how traditional investments work I changed my wealth building strategy. In short, traditional investments allow you to surrender responsibility for your own finances to somebody who doesn’t care about your financial future and gamble away your precious energy and money. You are the best return on investment because you can predict success from your performance.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

When you have money, you will have time. Take the time to spend with family and your loved ones. Sharing your success with others brings true joy. Money doesn’t buy happiness, money buys the freedom of choice. Money gives you the freedom to travel and share your success and time with people you love.

And one more thing. Stop setting goals and making. resolutions. Decide what you want  and continue working on it until you get it. Forget goal setting and resolution making, they waste time. When you need to get to San Francisco, you get in the car and start driving. Setting a goal to get to San Francisco is not going to get you far. You have to start driving.

Just start driving with the destination in mind until you get there. 

Have a Successful and Prosperous 2019!

Until next time,

-Tatiana Hart

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