How to Become and to Stay Naturally Fit

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Our body rejuvenates naturally during sleep.

We need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep depending on the diurnal length.

When a day is longer, I can get away with 7-8 hours of sleep. My typically sleep for eight hours.

However, this time of the year when the day is extremely short, I sometimes need ten hours. i prefer to sleep at night and not to take naps during the day.

I trust nature’s wisdom, therefore, I follow light cycles.

Synchronizing with the natural circadian cycle enables me to balance my hormones naturally.

I do not need substances to rise and shine in the morning.

Cortisol which rises between 4 and 7 o’clock in the morning should naturally energize us.

In the evening melatonin ensures we fall asleep fast and sleep through the night soundlessly.

Melatonin production actually depends on natural light exposure throughout the day.

We must go outside in the morning and sun gaze when the color temperature of the sun is shimmering  ember.

Also do it at sunset as much as you can, and you will fall asleep fast and sleep well through the night.

Furthermore,  sun gazing protect our eyesight.

We have been convinced that we must protect the eyes.

The sunglasses industry is booming. I have always had perfect eyesight (neither glasses or contact lenses).

However, oftentimes I feel computer time puts a lot of strain on my eyes.

That is why I practice sun gazing to protect my eyesight. Being able to see perfectly without aid constitutes fitness for me.


As I pointed earlier, sunlight exposure balances hormones and enables us to sleep like babies. Coupled with grounding it enables you to naturally stay slender and fit.


Despite I do not diet, my nutrition protocol is rigorous, I only consume foods that have high nutrition content. It goes unsaid that I do not eat processed and packaged foods.  

High quality nutrition high in fresh seafood, fish, meat, and eggs enable me to have a clear mind, and a positive attitude.

I do not believe in eating plants only  I advocate responsible consumption.

The truth is we need animal products because only they contain bioavailable nutrients.

Plants, on the other hand, use chemical compounds to defend themselves which cannot break down without processing such as cooking, fermenting, and sprouting.  

Also, excessive cooking and heat get rid of nutrients.

Therefore, I use fresh minimally cooked nutritionally dense food.

Intermittent Fasting

The main benefit of intermittent fasting lies not in weight loss.

Cellular turnover, or autophagy, naturally occurs during intermittent fasting and naturally cleans the body of idling and underperforming cells. In mid 20s autophagy gradually slows down.

With time the slow cell turnover cause metabolic imbalance leading to weight gain and disease.

A simple fact that fasting can reverse diabetes caused by insulin resistance, make the process worthwhile. Every time we consume food, our body secretes insulin.

Certain foods, such as refined carbohydrates spike insulin worse then protein and fats. In fact, quality saturated fat keeps insulin fluctuations under control.

We can lower insulin by eating within  a compressed feeding window. I

eat within a 6 hour window once a week and  eat within an 8 hour the rest of the week. I do not deviate from the 8 hour window and try to eat at about the same times.

By controlling insulin, we stay leaner, fitter, younger looking and feeling. Furthermore, I always have perfect skin and do not break out.

Movement & Exercise

If you want to get fit, do it outside. I am very serious.

I despise gyms. I passionately dislike the artificial environment.

I dislike with passion the fluorescent lighting that can cause you to have injury while you are lifting weights.

If you exercise in dense non-native EMF (fluorescent lights are part of it), you are more likely to injure yourself.

It happens gradually, and you make think that you lifted too heavy or overextended yourself.

Well, non-native EMF contributed greatly to it. The non-native EMF at  your local gym is amplified by gym users hanging out on their cell phones instead of paying attention to their workout.

I get on Wifi rarely and hardwire the Internet at my place and hotels when I travel.

I do not use any Wifi operated devices, such as Bluetooth, Apple watch, etc.

It is a must to avoid 4G and 5G internet due to extremely frequency which affects our neural system including the brain.

I always feel the difference between spending time at the beach and a dense Wi-Fi environment of New York City.

My personal workout regimen is based  on the Charles Poliquin’s extremely effective system. Poliquin trained olympic athletes.

His approach gained acclaimed for getting results in fewer sessions.

When he trained his team in the same space with the Korean olympic team, the Koreans begged him to tell them how his team trained  the rest of the week.

They could not believe that Poliquin’s team only trained three hours a week. Poliquin alternated muscle groups and achieved tremendous results in a short time.

Also, keep in mind an hour a day work out 5 to 6 times a week will not make you naturally fit, if you sit at the desk all day long.

I move  a lot and ensure I move consistently.Better yet go outside and take a long walk.

Another upside of a walk, besides making you fit, is inspiration and creativity. When I need to solve a problem,

I walk in nature to disengage from the previous task.

This very strategy helps me find solutions to what I was working on before.

Mental fitness cannot be isolated from physical fitness, they have to synchronize and to happen nearly simultaneously.


The mind and the body do not  have to be connected because they are one. Here is how to confirm it. Many diseases are psychosomatic.

Essentially, when we have an internal conflict or live in a state of chronic stress, a disease manifests.

The simple fact that many people consider fasting – not eating – difficult, should alarm you.

Naturally, we are designed to eat to replenish nutrition and should be able to go without food for extended periods.

Have you noticed how much you simply eat socially, meaning eat when you are not hungry?

Exactly. It is not difficult to eat once a day, unless your mind tells you that you are going to die from not eating for twenty-four hours.

I started fasting when I was 18 and always notice mental clarity and productivity when I fast.

Also, I never deviate from my simple protocol I outlined in the nutrition segment.

I simply  take care of myself through sleep, sunlight exposure, nutrition and intermittent fasting.

In return, I stay naturally radiant and fit essentially without effort.

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