How You Can Become Free Permanently

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Everything is a choice. Freedom is not an exception.

You have to free your mind before you can become financially free. You have to acquire a mindset that provides a set of skills and builds an environment that allows you not to work for money and have an abundant lifestyle.

Financial freedom does not free you from obligations to yourself and from work. It only frees you from mandatory work for money. It requires discipline and integrity.

You always need deep work for fulfillment and personal growth. When you stop working for fulfillment, you die.

Free Your Mind First

In order to become financially free, you must determine you priority. You must invest in yourself before you invest in anything else. Build a business that yields a comfortable cash flow and sets you free. Better yet build a location independent business. Think internet based: consulting services, drop shipping business, etc..

Free Yourself From Debt

The first freedom principle implies initial capital or bootstrapping. Do not borrow money. Get rid of existing debt as fast as you can and thank me later. Read up on compounding and it will light up fire under your butt and help you accelerate paying off your existing debt if there is any. If you have none, congratulations – move to step 3.

Bootstrap your business if you have no initial capital. Freelance to cover expenses. The best way to bootstrap your business is to save money ahead of time from your primary job or your primary source of income. You can quit your job later when you have enough money to cover living and business expenses.

Do not borrow more money and do not get deeper in debt while you are growing your business.

Debt is slavery.

You are working toward financial freedom.

Get rid of credit cards. But it will affect my FICO score, you may object.

What do you need a FICO score for?

You are trying to get out of debt and stay out of it.

A high FICO score only indicates that you an obedient idiot who wants to pay for everything tri- and fourfold.  Compounding works in favor of the lender handsomely, not yours.

Practice self restraint and plan your purchases in advance. Do not expend your precious life energy on things that will ruin you. Debt destroys your chances to be free. You do need a line of credit, you need capital. Then build it.

Get Rid of Stuff  You Do not Use

You do not have to sacrifice lifestyle to live well. You can easily figure out which expenses eat up your money and energy and eliminate them.

Evaluating your lifestyle and associated costs, you will learn what you absolutely do not need.

Free yourself from the idea that a house you live in is an investment (especially in the United States). You never own real estate in the United States even when you pay for it with cash. Try stop paying property taxes and you will learn who owns “your” property. Check out this fabulous real estate investment break down in Why Your House is not an Investment.

Unless you are planning to become a rental real estate investor for cash flow, forget about owning a personal residence. Invest in your own business as argued for in Free Your Mind First.

Stellar Health Liberates The Mind

You always come first. Take care of yourself and your health.

Since the mind and the body are one you have to take care of your body to have a well functioning mind.

Remember the mantra,


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Natural Light

Deep Nutrition

Intermittent Fasting

Exercise & Movement

Nutrition pales in importance next to the significance of good night sleep. You cannot eat your way to health if do not recover, repair, and rejuvenate at night. I call it follow the cycles of the sun. Get up when the sun rises, go to bed when the sun goes down. You will synchronize with natural rhythms and will feel free and productive.

Eat real nutritious food. Emulate your ancestors and eat only what available in nature. When in doubt, bacon and eggs provide nourishment to your brain and to your body.

Do not eat too often. You need to give the body time to rest and digest. Intermittent fasting does just that and allows your body to purge old and inactive cells by way of apoptosis.

Move often. Movement stimulates physiological processes including problem solving. Do not resort to one hour workouts while sitting at the desk for 12 hours a day.

The most freeing tool is nasal diaphragmatic breathing. Always breathe through the nose – we are designed to breathe through the nose not the mouth.

Do not poison yourself  with alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs and avoid toxic substances in all other forms at all costs.

Breathe like a baby with the stomach, not the chest. This type of breathing activates your natural intelligence – intuition and gives a survival edge.

Travel Abroad to Live Like Locals

Traveling abroad provides diverse experiences only if you spend time with locals. You need to discover their culture to figure out what you think of it. You cannot do it in a group of tourists.

Just buy a ticket to a country of your choice and go there. You can find an apartment on a local Craigslist site and dive into their life.

I get to talk to locals in Southern Europe. In Greece and Italy people approach me trying to strike a conversation. However, you can find the same lifestyle quality and climate (I love the beach) for a lot less. A lot of times is costs 4-5 times less to spend time at the beach in Albania than in Greece.

To be mobile and more in control of your time, travel with a carry on. You will learn that you do need that much clothes. You can always do laundry or pick up a few things at your destination.

Furthermore, traveling with carry on only costs a lot less. For instance, I traveled from Paris to New York city last year for $299 on Norwegian. Their Dreamliners are extremely spacious and comfortable. Norwegian sells travel options where you can have two carry on items and opt out of in-flight meals. It works well for me because I dislike plane food and do not eat during the flight.

In Europe you can find connecting flights between cities for $30-50 through small airlines like RyanAir and Wizz Air.

I find travel and traveling light liberating and practice it as much as I can.

Until next time.

-Tatiana Hart

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