Intuitive Money: How to Get Paid for Being Yourself

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Intuition is nature’s defense and an abundance mechanism: you’ll be free and wealthy as long as you follow it.


Working Hard vs Working Smart

Working hard correlates with having money but alone does not guarantee financial freedom  and wealth. 

No one wants to hear the harsh truth: working hard alone does not lead you to having more money and being financially free. But those who do hear what I am saying here will change their lives for good. 

My adventure with working too much and not getting where I needed to be inspired me to share with you my personal experience with getting from rags to riches and losing it all

To get back on my feet I must follow my gut. In fact, you always should follow your gut to succeed, no excuses.

Do not ask others for answers – always ask yourself.

Money is Energy: Learn to Receive It and to Give It

Intuition always helped me to thrive and course correct.

This nature’s main survival mechanism has protected us from danger since we appeared on the this planet. Intuition protects by way of keeping us present, by making us pay attention to our surrounding and encounters.

Furthermore, intuition guides the most successful people to achieve their potential and unimaginable levels of wealth.

Intuition connects us to the source which provides abundant wealth, health, relationships. That is why we discover abundance when we trust our intuition.

I always manifest money when I feel relaxed, carefree, and present. I lose money when I cling to money and succumb to fear.

In fact, when you stop listening to your intuition, it will be replaced with fear, anxiety, and disease.

When we follow our intuition, we are at peace and inspired I always find time for myself to reflect, to stimulate my energy flow, and to find inspiration. I then find solutions and money with ease.

Money Gives Peace, Freedom, and Security

Money gives us peace, provides security and an opportunity to share our energy with others. We must understand what it is and how to use it.

When we expand too much energy, we become mentally and physically exhausted.  When we overspend, we become overextended and indebted.

Therefore, we must learn how to recharge, protect our health , and to create wealth by avoiding debt and spending more than we make.

Five Attributes You Need

to Make Money by Being Yourself

Many people make money by simply being themselves. They are confident about who they are and unapologetic for their actions . Their commitment to being authentic makes them money.

1. You Need to Be Creative and to Have a Unique Value Proposition

You need to have  message or a value proposition to gain an audience or to attract  clients. To gain following you must have a clear message that sets you apart from others.

You must be unique to stand out and to be able to effectively convey what you have to say. Be relatable.

You render yourself relatable when you acquire and maintain a stellar set of abs.

You have a strategy to achieve it and should brand the strategy to make money for who you are.

You can sell your discipline protocol, diet and exercise regimen.

2. You Need Consistency and Focus

Working hard does not pay off: staying focused and being consistent enables to get to the finish line. It takes time to succeed in any field, it does not happen overnight.

There are no success secrets, no bullet point recipe. the only thing that determines whether your product makes it is your determination and focus.

If you follow your gut and follow through, you will get results.

We know that the secret to perfect health is natural light, sleep, real unprocessed food, and movement (exercise).

Remove one of the components and you will get in trouble. No amount of exercise can compensate for crappy diet. Or a good diet cannot compensate for a lack of sleep

Even worse. exercise under LED lights renders itself pointless, or even harmful (the low frequency LED lights create an electromagnetic field clash with our own native EMF) especially  after a day of working in artificial lighting.

Go outside during the day – you will stay lean and sleep better.

Your body synchronizes with natural day -night cycles and if you screw them up, no doctor, diet, or exercise can fix the mismatch until you regain consistency and focus in your regimen.

Nature abhors human frivolities about smarter than nature. Follow natural cycles and you will appreciate nature’s wise design.

Similarly, money reflects your physical health: it loves consistency in habits to flow abundantly into your hands.

3. A Job is the Worst Way to Get Paid for Who You Are

A job can temporarily support you while you are working on growing your business.

However, it will never give you security, peace, and financial freedom as your own enterprises. Furthermore, people above you will suppress your creativity and subvert your personality to satisfy corporate standards.

Strive for financial independence and you will gain individual freedom as a bonus in the process of that pursuit.

Several streams of income enable you  to achieve financial freedom rapidly  to preserve your individuality.

Do not look what the majority does, unless you want to be enslaved, stressed out, and destitute.

Create instead of consuming. Stop using social media in the beginning of building a business – it distracts you from your mission at an early stage and robs you off focus and concentration.

Social media serves best as a  marketing tool: it is only valuable when you have a well-developed product.

4. You Must Own a Brand or a Business

In order to make money for who you are, you must own a name and a brand.

You must be the proprietor of the business. Top marketers know and use this rule to their advantage. By having a business name, you create a mental image, an association,  in the minds of potential clients.

The name will make your product and services stand out, create a legacy for your brand, and a following.

5. You Do Not Need to Spend Money to Make Money

The best thing about making money by being you is the use of your unique creative ability instead of capital.

If you own an online entertainment enterprise such as a blog, you offer consulting services, or create content on YouTube, you do not need a huge initial investment.

In this case, you are unlikely to have to borrow money and to run yourself into debt trying to get your business off the ground.

Furthermore, you do not actually need to be outrageously intelligent or insightful to become a top-earning YouTube content creator.

Or you do not need to provide value in a broad sense unless I am missing the value proposition of  gaming. Oh, except for mind anesthesia and brain deterioration.

You have no excuse to make $50,000 a year working hard after the gaming legacy created by Markiplier and PewDiePie.

Remember, consistency and focus on content and your business agenda. If they can make money for being themselves, so can you. And all without impressive initial capital.

Use your personality and appearance to project a certain image: what looks good sells well.

Your appearance can influence positively (or negatively) sales of a product, an idea, or a service.

Thus, you do need to look good and to exude positive energetic vibes.

Our intuition provides the same amount and quality of insights and wisdom as our brain.

Always remember to listen to your intuition and to follow your gut whenever you want to succeed and to create freedom protecting cash flow.


-Tatiana Hart.




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