15 Things I Never Travel Without

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Hello friends!

I always travel light. I own a hard shell carry-on bag that accommodates everything I need.  Moreover, traveling this way saves me money.

You can find cheaper air fares when you travel light. You notice that you have to pay for checked luggage. Also, if you do not eat on the plane, travel Norwegian. You can get a cheap fare and eat before you get on the plane. The plane food is not worth the price difference. I flew from Paris to New York for $250 eighteen months ago. Furthermore, their Dream liners have plenty of leg room even in coach and extremely comfortable seats.

Since I always travel light, thus, I never bring an umbrella on an air trip. If you absolutely have to get one, get it.  I was meeting my sister for dinner in Paris on my birthday two years ago. The day was beautiful and sunny until I went to change and get ready for dinner. When I went outside, barely made to a corner store on Rue De Grenelle to get an umbrella. However, it has been one of the best umbrellas. As was crossing the bridge, a 40 mile an hour wind gust blasted, but the umbrella did not cave. It did pass the test.


You must have a passport to enter a country. Since I travel internationally a lot, I have to have a valid passport to enter countries. ‘Valid’ is key to traveling without issues. If your passport expires while you are in a foreign country, customs will not let enter the country.

I always pay attention to expiration dates. However, a former colleague of mine had a girlfriend who realized that her passport expires during the trip four days prior the trip. She obviously had no time to renew the passport. She had to change her departure to be able to join him on the trip.

Credit and Debit Cards

I carry two credit cards and a debit card besides cash when I travel. I use cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees. I have a bank account with Charles Schwab. They do not have ATMs in the United States and anywhere in the world. However, they always refund me ATM fees when I need to withdraw cash anywhere in the world. They also have exceptional customer service. You cam make a collect call when you are abroad and need help.

Furthermore, Charles Schwab does not charge foreign transaction fees.


You need an emergency stash of cash when you travel. I have flown into a small airport late at night. The airport did not have an ATM. Cabs did not have card machines where I was. What do I do? I pay cash.

Things like that happen all the time. Small gourmet food shops in Sardinia do not accept cards at all. Therefore, if you do not have cash, you will have to eat energy bars. I do not eat energy bars so I carry cash.

Mac Book

I have had a Mac Book since 2008 but not the same one. However, the one I am using to write this I have had since 2013. It is an amazing powerful and portable machine.It has immaculate processing power to render graphics and a capability to record and edit videos.

Samsung Galaxy

You need a cell phone when you travel abroad for convenience. Smart phones have apps that allow you to navigate new places. They also save you money on transportation and food.

I take photos while I travel. Therefore, I selected a cell phone with a high-resolution camera. The Samsung Galaxy smartphone has the highest resolution camera and produces high quality images.

Receptacle Adapter and a Portable Cell Phone Charger

I always need power converters abroad. Sometimes they are available at the places I stay. However, it is uncommon to provide a power adapter. That is why I carry my own. Furthermore, oftentimes I want to recharge the phone or the computer while I am en route so i can continue working. Therefore, I always have both power supplies and a European power adapter with me – for the Mac and the cell phone, when I travel


There are two reasons I always carry headphones with me: to reduce non-native EMF while I make calls and to listen to podcasts privately. I never put the cell phone to my ear to make a phone call. When I travel, I have to make phone calls in public places. Since I want privacy, I cannot enable the speakerphone function while I am in a public setting. Thus, headphones allow me to achieve the goal of non-native EMF reduction.

I have to admit that avoiding contact of the phone with the ear is far superior to using headphones. However, some protection is better than none. I always use the speaker setting when I make phone calls in privacy.

Hard Shell Carry-on Suitcase

I have used a hard shell carry-on suitcase for several years.  I love its maneuvering capabilities as it moves parallel to the ground or at an angle. I often put the Mac Book in it when I need space for food in my second carry on bag and it protects the computer.

Sleep Mask

I tend to fly at night by choice so I sleep in the air. To rest and block the light of late night entertainment of my co-travelers, I use the Sleep Master sleep mask.

It fits perfectly and completely blocks light and even noise. It also comes with ear plugs which I never learned to use. I always wake up refreshed at my destination.


I have to have three pairs of shoes besides the ones I travel in. I have to have several pairs of shoes for various occasions. Also, you do not want to wear the same pair of shoes for two eeks plus in the row. Ideally, I bring completely different shoe styles to my trips so I can create looks as if I flew in with three suitcases.


I prefer to have several items of underwear. In fact, I travel with more underwear than clothing articles. You have to swap underwear daily. However, doing laundry every other day times consuming and non-sensical.

Activated Charcoal Tablets

Activated charcoal protects me from jet lag and detoxifies me. It absorbs toxins and eliminates them quickly. I pop a few in thmy mouth when I land with an abundant amount of mineral water. It always prevents jet lag associated  headaches.


We need to brush teeth multiple times a day. You do need a toothbrush while you travel. I used to use an electric toothbrush and changed my mind about powered toothbrushes. Why?

Well, I avoid non-native EMF near my head. Well, using an electric toothbrush defeats. I know, I know, dentists say that electric toothbrushes more effective at cleaning teeth. If you have a nutrient dense diet that you can absorb, you do need to vigorously brush your teeth. You teeth heal and re-mineralize naturally when you creat the right environment.

Tooth Powder

I came up with a formula for non-toxic toothpowder that is ideal for carry on since it contains a negligible amount of liquid. It is based on coral calcium powder. Coral calcium powder is a high end calcium supplement. Since it does not contain toxic substances, it makes a great foundation for tooth paste or tooth powder.

Bikini Set in Black and in White

I love beaches and travel to warm climates a lot. Therefore, I bring a couple of bikinis with me. Actually, a bikini substitutes underwear in many cases when you do not plan on being on the beach at any given time. Having extra underwear pieces in the form of bikini saves you time because you do not have to laundry underwear as often.

And yes, I have bikini sets in black and in white because I can pair up pieces from different sets.  I always prioritize practicality.

That’s it. What about you? What are your indispensable items you take on trips? Feel free to share in the comments.

-Tatiana Hart

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